Featured Artist Alene Geed

Artist Alene Geed shares an inspired collection of handcrafted metal and gemstone jewelry. Visit her website to see more of her work.


amethyst pendant by Alene Geed

“Buried Treasure Geode Pendant” silver, amethyst and peridot, pendant is 1.25” x .5”


I love designing with gemstones and metals. Early in my training I worked in copper. Even though this was supposed to be a transition metal before working with more valuable metals, I ended up falling in love with the way copper can be shaped, heated and formed to create color and depth.


silver and copper earrings by Alene Geed

“Rays of Sunshine Earrings” silver, copper and gold fill, 2.5” long


Today many of my designs still feature copper in combination with sterling and fine silver.


silver spiral pendant by Alene Geed

“Sacred Spiral Silver Pendant” fine silver, pendant is 2” long


Finding a theme that inspires me is how I create my collections. My favorite, the Sacred Spiral, is featured prominently in my work. Did you know that this ancient symbol has been found in cave carvings and shells?


amethyst and silver spiral earrings and ring by Alene Geed

“Sacred Spiral Amethyst Ring and Earring” amethyst and fine silver, earrings 1.5” long, ring varies


Each of our actions—a quick smile to a stranger, a kind word to a friend—create ripples of joy that is passed on to from person to person. The tag line “because kindness matters” is my inspiration for the Sacred Spiral designs!


turquoise and silver cuff by Alene Geed

“Magnificent Southwest Cuff Bracelet” silver, turquoise and lab-grown ruby, 1.5” x 7”


Gemstones are also the impetus for a design.


silver and turquoise pendant by Alene Geed

“Sacred Spiral Turquoise Pendant” silver, copper and natural turquoise, 2.25” long


My method for finding the perfect gem? When at a gem show, or searching online, I look for the gem that seems to jump out at me. It calls my name! Sounds silly, but I can feel the connection somehow. I cannot wait to get back to the bench to design something.


amethyst geode and silver ring by Alene Geed

“Buried Treasure Geode Ring” amethyst geode and fine silver, various sizes


My Buried Treasure collection features smaller amethyst geodes from Uruguay. Yes, they called my name! Once I discovered these tiny spectacular gems, I had to have them. Each of these amazing purple rocks is one of a kind.


steel, gold and tiger iron gem pendant by Alene Geed

“Golden Steel Tiger Iron Pendant” steel, 22K gold and tiger iron gem, 2” x .75” with a 1” gem


Currently, I am adding steel and gold to my creations. Learning the ins and outs of working with steel has been challenging, yet fun.


copper, silver and amethyst cuff by Alene Geed

“Buried Treasure Amethyst Cuff” copper, silver and amethyst, 1.5” x 7” with a 1” gem


In a few days, I watch a piece of dull steel become transformed into a work of art. I love it! Stay tuned for new designs showcasing this process.


Artist Alene Geed in her studio

Artist Alene Geed in her studio


I love this creative adventure I am living. The design ideas keep coming. Sharing these final designs with those who love and appreciate them is my ultimate reward.


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