Create an Engaging Email Signature

by guest blogger Kelly Heck

Does your email signature working as a marketing tool? Here’s how to customize a signature that wows recipients.


How to Create an Effective Email Signature


Email signatures are, in my opinion, one of the easiest yet most neglected marketing piece. You are robbing yourself of an amazing marketing tool with every email that does not have a well thought out signature. Plus, it’s a huge inconvenience to your email recipients.

You email me. Perhaps an email reply is not my ideal choice… maybe I want to give you a call, or learn more on your website, or plan a visit to your store/shop/office, but you have no email signature. Do I take the time to ask, do I take the time to search, or do I move on? Convenience is a vital element in spurring action from our target audience. The easier you make it for your potential client to take action, the more likely the conversion. We have but mere seconds to capture people’s attention (about 7 seconds, in fact.) Let’s make it as easy as possible!

Look more professional and make a commitment to set up your email signature. Not tomorrow, or next week. Do it now! It’s so easy, and most email platforms allow you to do so. Not sure how? Look it up “how to set up an email signature on (your email platform)” on YouTube.

Not sure what to include? Suggestions follow:

  • Name (first & last)
  • Phone Number (office and cell, perhaps?)
  • Job Position
  • Company / Organization Name
  • Location Address / Mailing Address
  • Website Address (with clickable URL)
  • Social Media (with clickable URLs)
  • Image of Company / Organization Logo
  • Image of YOU (get a professional portrait)
  • Slogan / Tagline
  • Call To Action

I’ve included my email signature below for both facets of my business. Though I do not make use of every suggestion above, I found a way to include most without being overwhelming. Find whatever combination works best for you and your recipients. You can provide a lot of information in a small amount of space (look up Email Signature Examples on Google Images). You certainly don’t want to overload recipients with too much information, but make sure you give them what they need to take action. And bonus, a nicely designed email signature looks really sharp (professional first impressions anyone?)


customized email signature


Let’s take this one last step… if you are struggling to structure your email signature “design” you may be able to use one of the free services linked below. Design your signature using their platform, and when complete, you should be able to copy and paste it into your email platform’s “email signature” section, and still have the flexibility to customize it!

Give it a try, and let me know how your email signature turned out in the comments below!


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