Featured Artist Petra Pinn

Artist Petra Pinn’s delightful paintings are inspired by travel, vintage décor, and a love of pattern. Enjoy more of her work by visiting her website.


painting of an interior with cast by Petra Pinn

“Orange is the new black hat” oil on wood panel, 29cm x 35cm


How did I get into painting?


painting of an interior by Petra Pinn

“Home safari” acrylic on wood panel, 44cm x 54cm


As a kid I enjoyed drawing and creating little sculptures with salt dough. I loved going to flea markets with my mum where I learned to appreciate antique furniture, jewelry and intricate fabrics.


painting of an interior by Petra Pinn

“At home with Mattisse and wine” acrylic on wood panel, 33cm x 33cm


After studying textile design, I worked as a designer in Europe and New Zealand. In 1996, I moved to Australia where I immediately fell in love with the diverse and exotic nature. I particularly loved the colourful birdlife and tropical plants.


Australian landscape with birds by Petra Pinn

“Hidden treasures, one in flight” oil on canvas, 125cm x 96cm


I began to feel the need to create work that reflected this amazing flora and fauna. No longer interested in creating designs for others, I wanted to paint without any limitations.


painting of an interior with a dog by Petra Pinn

“Frida’s lounge” oil on wood panel, 30cm x 30cm


I began my life as a painter after attending a workshops and classes with a variety of teachers who focused on Australian nature and lifestyle. My work has also been influenced by a number of impressionists, such as Lautrec and Degas.


Painting of an interior with a dog and cat by Petra Pinn

“The holiday house” acrylic on canvas, 34cm x 34cm


After the youngest of my three children started school, my dream of opening up an art space and school with my Canadian-born artist buddy Laurie McKern came true. Gallery Cats Studios was born. We were part of a beautiful artist community, teaching and learning from each other. After ten amazing years (which included an artist residency in Ireland and many travels) we closed our doors. Then I built my own little art shed in my backyard in November, 2019.


painting of an interior by Petra Pinn

“Feels like holidays” mixed media on canvas, 64cm x 78cm


When Covid hit, I was safely set up in my home studio, which I refer to as my Happy Place. Due to the lockdown, I was forced to take a break from teaching art and found myself drawing or painting every day. I was eventually picked up by regional galleries who had seen my work on social media. I paint a lot from life—self portraits, my home, garden and pets, as well as vintage decorative lamp shades and knickknacks I collect.


still life painting of flowers by Petra Pinn

“Flower still life with bunny” oil on wood panel, 30cm x 39cm


In my more recent interior paintings, I’m able to explore my love for travel, vintage decor, pattern, animals, nature and figurative art. I like to create stories by making the pets in my paintings “speak” to the sculptures and paintings in the scene, and vice versa.


painting of an interior with a cat by Petra Pinn

“Living with Modigliani” oil on wood panel, 34cm x 34cm


This way I get to combine still life, figurative art and landscape. I keep spinning new ideas around—cats traveling to different countries and copies of the great masters hanging in invented living rooms. After having been on a few road trips recently, I find myself alternating my interiors and still life with landscapes.


painting of an interior by Petra Pinn

“Happy reading” acrylic on wood panel, 44cm x 54cm


I feel blessed to be able to paint every day and hope my creations bring as much joy to people as I have creating them.


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  1. Petra,
    You have an interesting style combining interiors with pet animals who enjoy the views and paintings too. My cats and dog accompany me when I paint. They are an important part of our life.
    Ann Marie

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