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landscape photography of Neuschwanstein Castle by Freddy Enguix

“11th Century” photography, various sizes


Who I am? Well…I am a Spanish photographer with a love for travel and everything related to nature. I’ve had the opportunity to live in South America, South Africa and in several European countries as well as traveling to many different places. My family and friends were always asking questions like, “What is that country like?” or “How was that beach?” or “Why do you like that mountain?”


landscape photography by Freddy Enguix

“Dreamed Forest” photography, various sizes


I loved sharing my experiences with them. This inspired me to begin studying and practicing photography skills so I could improve enough to become a professional photographer. Now I feel that I have the knowledge and all the tools I need to be able to express my feelings, my emotions and the mood of the places I visit in an image.


landscape photography by Freddy Enguix

“500 Meters” photography, various sizes


It doesn’t matter if the photo is taken in the backyard of my home or at the other end of the planet. I always try, with my photographic style, to express what it feels like to be in that place at that moment. I want my viewers to be able to transport themselves to that place and virtually feel and admire the landscape, the scenery or the flower.


landscape photography by Freddy Enguix

“Dreamed House” photography, various sizes


That is what my images are about—a story to tell, a feeling to enjoy, a place to remember.


landscape photography by Freddy Enguix

“Swiss Knife Valley” photography, various sizes


Of course, in my line of work, not everything is always as perfect as they look in my photographs. Obviously, people might think, “What a lovely job to be on vacation all the time!” The truth is that to catch that one unique lovely image I need to prepare a lot of things in advance. This includes investigating places, finding the best light, the best time of day, the best angle and the best spot to capture the image I’m looking for.


landscape photography by Freddy Enguix

“Going Home” photography, various sizes


My work also brings with it lots of travel. I wake up very early in the morning and sometimes walk for hours in the middle of the forest in the dark just to get to that one place where the sun rises up over the horizon.


Artist Freddy Enguix taking photographs of the Matterhorn

“At the Office” artist Freddy Enguix at work


Sometimes the weather is not as predicted and I get completely soaked! My family and I miss each other due to my travel. My “office hours” are in the early mornings or in the late afternoons—everyday. When I am not busy taking photographs, I am busy with post-production work, accounting and sales.


landscape photography of the Matterhorn by Freddy Enguix

“Matterhorn Mirror” photography, various sizes


In spite of all this, I cannot think of anything I’d rather be doing. When you nail the place, the time, the weather, the light and you are able to admire that amazing landscape that you dreamed about…oh man… that feeling is something indescribable. It is worth all the effort and makes me fall even more in love with my job and lifestyle.


landscape photography by Freddy Enguix

“Golden Lake” photography, various sizes


So, I invite you all to see my images. Take your time while looking to read the story and feelings I’ve captured in each of them. Enjoy them as I enjoyed making them.


landscape photography by Freddy Enguix

“The Smooth Lake” photography, various sizes


The world can be full of bad and ugly things in our everyday life—viruses, wars, politics, crisis, and more. Let’s forget of all of them for a few moments and enjoy the beautiful images that nature provides!


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