Featured Artist Eliza de Vries

Photographer Eliza de Vries presents a harmonious portfolio of luminescent floral portraits. Visit her website to see more of her inspired work.


floral photography by Eliza de Vries

“Dancing Fairies” photography, various sizes


Picking up a camera at age sixty, I slowly evolved into a photographic artist over a period of eighteen years. We all have our individual lens of life. It was surprising to me how unique we all are as to what calls to our soul, and how we “see” it.


floral photography be Eliza de Vries

“Angel Wing Double Brugmansia” photography, various sizes


From childhood, my heart has stirred and wept over the beauty of God’s creation. Sunlight on the dew of a flower, the reflection of light upon water, the shifts of expression in one flower throughout the day.


floral photography by Eliza de Vries

“Wisteria Waterfall” photography, various sizes


As a mother, I supported my family retraining unruly horses that others had given up on. I would ride with my daughter on thousands of acres in the majestic foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Our feeling for beauty grew exponentially.


floral photography by Eliza de Vries

“Inner Peace” photography, various sizes


We would often sit amidst fields of wildflowers and marvel at nature’s palette of colour. Everything around us vibrated with heavenly beauty. What magic!


floral photography by Eliza de Vries

“Morning Prayer” photography, various sizes


Initially, in 2002, my work expressed a replication of God’s handiwork. This in itself was exquisite to behold. But I soon felt an inner calling to express my individual experience of beauty. I wanted to co-create with nature’s perfection, to bring out what I can only describe as the soul emanation of how I experienced a flower.


floral photography by Eliza de Vries

“Gossamer Calla” photography, various sizes


Many of my images originate from my own garden. Having grown up with a mother who began and ended her days tending her beloved roses, I felt within my heart the sacred essence of the flower world, of the leaves, the trees, skies and fields.


floral photography by Eliza de Vries

“Glorious Geometry” photography, various sizes


My images are printed in a variety of ways and sizes. They can be reproduced on metal, glass, archival paper or gallery wrapped on canvas. My limited editions are very small in number, fifty at most. Each giclee is a high-resolution, high tech watercolour reproduction which is individually made. I personally monitor the image in various stages with the printer to ensure that the luminescence of each image is expressed in the final product.


floral photography by Eliza de Vries

“Holy Mother of the Orchids” photography, various sizes


Beauty brings a sense of dynamic colour, peaceful solace, magical exuberance or gentle healing to us all. As a healer, and having studied colour therapy, it is evident that colour has a different effect upon different souls and individual parts of our body.


floral photography by Eliza de Vries

“Flowing Leaves Sunflower” photography, various sizes


To date, my works have sold throughout North America and Europe. My aspiration is that they hang in health facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation homes, hospice, yoga centers and places where beauty and inspiration enlightens or relieves man’s journey. Beauty gives a patient something to gaze upon while they are in recovery or suffering.


floral photography by Eliza de Vries

“Wild Lotus” photography, various sizes


Many are hung over personal altars and bring a sense of gentle reverence or illumination to a room. It is my hope that those who gaze upon my art will awaken to their own inner beauty, that these “flower babies” will bring solace healing and joy to their individual lives.

Thank you for walking through my garden with me.


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  1. laura neville says

    These images are ethereal- gorgeous and speak to the soul, spirit and heart of us all. Stunning. Need to mention that I have a number of pieces by this specific artist- and am thrilled to see her work featured today on your site. Bravo!!

  2. I have been a fan of Eliza DeVries’ art for many years as an owner of her works and an appreciator. Her pieces add such life anywhere they are placed. Each work is so unique and vibrant and speaks to the soul!

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