Featured Artist Gary Washington

Experiencing artist Gary Washington’s photography feels like stepping into another world. Find more of his dramatic images by visiting his website.


photography of a pedestrian bridge by Gary Washington

“Cross the Bridge” photography, 20″ x 30″


Have you ever had a moment when you looked up and stared at the stars and asked yourself, “How did I get here?”


architectural photography by Gary Washington

“Hidden Truth” photography, 30″ x 20″


I’m talking about that moment when you are soul-searching for clarity on how photography became such an important piece of your life and why you now can’t possibly live without it.

That was me after celebrating ten years as a photographer.


photograph of a tower by Gary Washington

“New Horizon” photography, various sizes


I remember the strong feeling of excitement when I picked up my first camera and how, once I learned what all of the buttons did and what all the features were, I knew I was ready! All I needed was a nice camera bag so I could take it everywhere I went.


architectural photography by Gary Washington

“Inner Man” photography, various sizes


I could go on, but that’s not exactly where I began working in photography. I actually started my journey assisting my older brother Will achieve his dream to become a fashion photographer. I didn’t own a camera at the time, so he would let me use his. He taught me the fundamentals and we put them into practice at the fashion shows.


architectural photography by Gary Washington

“Epiphany” photography, 20″ x 30″


I learned a lot from the ever-changing environments and the fast pace of the fashion business. I made some mistakes along the way. Some pictures may not have come out as I hoped, but Will would always encourage me to keep trying. His encouragement along with the desire to help him accomplish his dreams was the catalyst that propelled me to continue in this field.


photograph of Bourbon Street by Gary Washington

“Bourbon Street” photography, 30″ x 20″


The fashion show era brought many opportunities. However, there was one particular opportunity that changed my life forever.


architectural photography by Gary Washington

“Hidden” photography, various sizes


I received the chance to live in Germany for two months and I fell in love with the architecture and landscapes Germany had to offer. That was the moment I decided to purchase my first camera. I would travel by train to art museums; on holidays I would study my favorite photographers which included Josef Sudek, Edward Weston and Michael Kenna. All three of these artists had a unique and powerful way of drawing the viewer into their photographs. This inspired me to push my artistic limits and find my own voice in photography.


architectural photography by Gary Washington

“Wandering Souls” photography, 20″ x 30″


When I came back to the United States, I completely transitioned to fine art photography and started my photography business—Mr. Washington Gallery. My goal is to create compelling photographs using beautiful light and thoughtful composition to form a type of conceptual engagement.


architectural photograph by Gary Washington

“Sudden Peace” photography, various sizes


We live in a time of great uncertainty, not just globally but in our own personal lives. I create my art to help close the gap of uncertainty by sharing the simplistic beauty of life that may or may not be here tomorrow. I want people to see my photographs and feel hope. I want my images to help my viewers create a safe space their mind can go to get away from the daily fears that exist in their lives and around the world.


Artist Gary Washington - (photograph by Charles Kennedy)

Artist Gary Washington – (photograph by Charles Kennedy)


In the end, I found that helping others attain their dreams helped lead me to realize mine. I thank God for that opportunity.


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  1. Wow, Gary, I love and relate to your photography, congrats in ArtsyShark. I am from Detroit, and my artistic photography is on Artpal com/msninal. I create scenes if I can’t find them naturally. My late father was from NYC and we went to Brooklyn every other year. Please view over 1000 of my pics and connect.

    • Thanks so much Nina! I appreciate you reaching out. You have a great eye for photography. I especially love the castles in your portfolio. NYC has so much to see and photograph. You have such beautiful work and I am looking forward to seeing more. Thank you for sharing!

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