Featured Artist Nubar Alexanian

Artist Nubar Alexanian captures moments in time through stunning black & white photographs. Find more of his work by visiting his website.


photo of an Arctic Tern by Nubar Alexanian

“Arctic Tern, Essex River” photograph, 20″ x 13″


I’ve been a documentary photographer for nearly five decades.


photo of a boy fishing by Nubar Alexanian

“Boy Fishing, Gloucester” photograph, 16″ x 9″


While I’ve made my living as a photojournalist working for magazines in the United States and Europe, at the heart of my work are my long-term personal projects. These are the subjects that have reached out and grabbed me and would not let go. I currently have six books in print from these projects and I’m working on number seven.


photo of a schooner race by Nubar Alexanian

“Schooner Race, Gloucester” photograph, 40″ x 13″


What I’ve learned is that when you’re passionate about a subject and willing to give it the time it requires, it will tell you it’s secrets including everything you need to know about how to photograph it, your choice of camera, lenses and even whether to shoot in black & white or color.


photo of paddleboarders by Nubar Alexanian

“Paddleboarders, Gloucester” photograph, 16″ x 9″


I love this process because it reveals the mystery and awe in all things large and small in our world. It has taught me how to develop my own visual vocabulary over time. It’s like having my very own language in this remarkable medium.


photo of a fisherman by Nubar Alexanian

“Cigar Joe II Hauling Back” photograph, 20″ x 13″


I work mostly in black and white within the genre of documentary photography. As such, I never crop my photographs and I don’t direct what’s in front of the camera unless it’s obvious, like in a portrait.


photo of a seagull by Nubar Alexanian

“Seagull, Cigar Joe II” photograph, 16″ x 10.5″


This cultivates a way of seeing that captures the essence of the medium of photography, by putting a frame around something I’m seeing at just the right moment and then not manipulating it.


photo of St. Peters Fiesta by Nubar Alexanian

“St. Peters Fiesta, Gloucester” photograph, 20″ x 13.5″


I love to make photographs that incorporate both what happens in front of the camera as well as what the image implies symbolically.


photo of the Joseph Lucia II by Nubar Alexanian

“Joseph Lucia II, Georges Bank” photograph, 20″ x 13″


It is this union the Boston Globe is referring to in a review that said “Alexanian’s pictures are metaphors. Read them like poems.”


photo of Little River by Nubar Alexanian

“Little River, Gloucester, MA” photograph, 40″ x 13″


I have lived and photographed in Gloucester, for Massachusetts my entire adult life. Most of the images included in this exhibition come from this body of work.


photo of fireworks over the water by Nubar Alexanian

“Fireworks, Gloucester” photograph, 40″ x 13″


Working where I live gives me the opportunity to return to the same places over and over again to capture the spirit and feeling of the place I love.


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  1. Freeze framed moments in time make me pause, and reflect on each aspect of your photography. Thank you! A wonderful body of work!

    • Nubar Alexanian says

      Thanks so much Angela. I really appreciate your response to my work…..to pause and reflect. It’s everything we, as artists, could want someone to feel, no? All my best.

  2. Vinnie Oakes says

    “Joseph Lucia II, Georges Bank” – THAT is a photograph!

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