Featured Artist Julie Morel

Canadian artist Julie Morel captures the souls and expressions of wildlife with amazing detail. See more of her work on her website.


Portrait of Hyacinth Macaws by Julie Morel

“Le blues d’un précieux temps” acrylic, 36″ x 24″


I am a Quebec artist living in the beautiful region of Estrie.


bear portrait by Julie Morel

“Force tranquille” acrylic, 14″ x 18″


To begin, I must say that I believe that I was born with brushes in my hands. When I was a kid, I didn’t see my friends much outside of school. And since I was into drawing, my parents gave me my first brushes around the age of eight or nine, without me even asking.


Lion portrait by Julie Morel

“À l’aube d’un songe” acrylic, 32″ x 24″


I think my mother had a gift for guessing what would make me happy without even knowing it myself!


snowy owl portrait by Julie Morel

“Noctua” acrylic, 16″ x 16″


Since I’ve never had any training and apparently, I’m the only artist in the family, I had no idea how to go about it. That’s when I started watching the Bob Ross show that one of my uncles had kindly recorded for me on a VHS tape. But not understanding English, I had to learn only by watching it. I admit that it was not easy, but I was never discouraged.


panda portrait by Julie Morel

“La douceur d’un regard” acrylic, 20″ x 16″


And, over time, what was just a hobby at first quickly became a real passion.


crow portrait by Julie Morel

“Brise de nuit” acrylic and metallic paint, 20″ x 16″


This passion led me to paint everything I saw—animals, landscapes, flowers or any other subject.


Leopard portrait by Julie Morel

“Insctinct de survie” acrylic, 36″ x 36″


Over the years, I have had the chance to participate in group and solo exhibitions. Last year, I did my first symposium in Sainte-Flavie and I loved the experience. In addition, since 2016, I have participated in a few contests and had the chance to win a prize four times, which is, for me, very motivating.


giraffe portrait by Julie Morel

“Grandeur d’âme” acrylic, 36″ x 30″


I am very happy to be able to say today that I have been making a living from my art full time for two years now. I hope with all my heart to be able to do this for several more years!


rhinocerous portrait by Julie Morel

“Douce intensité” acrylic, 24″ x 30″


I paint in acrylic or in mixed mediums and techniques such as texturizing paste, acrylic, oil and pastel. I paint intuitively, letting myself be guided by my emotions.


snowy owl portrait by Julie Morel

“Élan de liberté” acrylic, 28″ x 22″


I enjoy painting many subjects; however, I work to convey through my art, my love and fascination for animals—especially wild animals—which have become, over time, my specialty.


gorilla portrait by Julie Morel

“Le regard d’un grand” acrylic, 40″ x 30″


Today, I seek above all to produce a mood and an awareness; to give a soul to my subjects, in order to create an intense emotional dialogue with the spectator.


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  1. Robert Poudrette says

    Absolutely beautiful work! You really have to see these paintings up close. There is unbelievably numerous and small details all over the picture. The colors are spot-on, Julie captures the “moment” in the subject’s eye each and every time! You can almost feel what the animal is about to do! Her work has to be seen in person to be properly appreciated. The “Regard d’un Grand” Gorilla really looks like he’s pondering something deep! The colors used in “Le blues d’un précieux temps” parakeet painting is … “Breath taking!”

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