Featured Artist Dianne Meinke

Artist and musician Dianne Meinke presents a collection that celebrates famous rock stars. See more of her work by visiting her website.


portrait of Steven Tyler by Dianne Meinke

“To Those that Wait (S Tyler)” graphite on paper, 11″ x 14″


My insatiable thirst for creativity began at a young age. I suspect most would think I’m crazy, but I remember being in diapers in my parents’ room, rummaging around in mom’s makeup bag. I could hear Mom looking for me, “Where are you, Dianne?!” Then suddenly, she burst into the bedroom only to find me behind the door, finger-painting the wall with her makeup.


Artist Dianne Meinke with her Music Awards & Art

Artist Dianne Meinke with her music awards and art


Skipping forward through time and over my musical pursuits which include Grammy nominations, top 40 hits and platinum records; let me go on record—my 1st love was always, and still is—art. During earlier periods of my life, I used my art to promote my music and always hoped someday it would reverse. Unlike my great grandfather and great uncle, Maximilien Luce & Frederic Luce, both well known Neo-Impressionist painters, I wanted to not be homeless nor wealthy. I wanted to enjoy life as a professional artist—not famous—but rich in life experience.


portrait of Jimi Hendrix by Dianne Meinke

“Craziness is like Heaven (J Hendrix)” graphite on paper, 8″ x 10″


My musical journey led me to an artist I admired but never met in person—Jimi Hendrix. I loved what he accomplished and was honored by the fact that I was given the opportunity to work with his original fine art collection. This was an opportunity I think most artists I knew would have craved. If you read Jimi’s brother, Leon Hendrix’s book Jimi Hendrix: A Brother’s Story, he mentions knowing of his brother’s deep passion for art. Once Jimi picked up a guitar, then the rest became history.


portrait of Pink by Dianne Meinke

“True Beauty (Pink)” graphite on paper, 18″ x 24″


As I understood it, there was a part of him which quietly and discreetly held onto his first love. Behind stage, in his dressing room or anywhere he could find solace, he spent time on his art. I feel that Jimi had the same passions as I did. On that note, I could definitely relate.


portrait of Willie Nelson by Dianne Meinke

Artist Dianne Meinke at work on The Spirit of the Eyes (W Nelson) graphite on paper, 11″ x 14″


For seven years I worked with Jimi’s art as a branding artist. This involved segmenting high resolution scans of his work, zooming in so close I could visualize his pen strokes. At times it felt as if Jimi himself was sitting next to me providing guidance as I pieced together his art into more imagery. Once my contract came to an end, I felt compelled to use what I had learned to pursue branding my own style.


portrait by Dianne Meinke

“The Power of Love” acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″


A dear friend and art curator, Liane Langford, offered to have my work reviewed. Liane mingled with the art and entertainment crowd which included David Van Gough and such. She introduced me to her colleagues—a gallery owner and a collector. Her colleagues reviewed my art and gave me valuable feedback to help me narrow down my pursuit.


portrait by Dianne Meinke

“To Earth with Love” acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″


In the review the gallery owner stated that since I was all over the map with my styles. I needed to find one style which would excite and inspire me but would be recognizable as my work every time. So was born my RockArt Collection; a collection which includes an ever-evolving catalog of music artists, both painted and sketched, which have inspired me.


custom cards and t-shirts by Dianne Meinke

Greeting Cards and Wearable Art T-Shirts from artist Dianne Meinke’s RockArt Collection


My art is wearable statements about music, love, life and so much more. This is what excites me and keeps me creating more. For me and my fans, the t-shirts and the greeting cards are just as important as the original paintings.


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  1. Dawn Cooley says

    Sweetest Dianne has made amazingly beautiful art for me!! Her heart is definitely in her art!! Her heart is just as amazing!! ♥️🌙🎩Gypsy Wind

    • Thank you Dawn! I am so honored by your compliment. I know that couldn’t have done it without your inspiration & support. So grateful our paths crossed. 🙏 Dianne

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