Featured Artist Juliet Bacchas

Ceramic artist Juliet Bacchas shares a stunning selection of hand built sculptural and functional work. Enjoy and visit her website to see more of her portfolio.


handbuilt ceramic teapot by Juliet Bacchas

“Rambler Teapot” white stoneware clay, 14″ x 10″


Long ago, in the year 1969, in a remote and lush community in the countryside of Jamaica, I was given life. I grew up, graduated high school and decided that college was not for me. I was very wrong.


handbuilt and carved ceramic vessel

“Message in a Bottle” white stoneware clay, 24″ x 20″


At age twenty-seven, I was accepted into the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. During that time I was blessed to be the recipient of the William Aiken Cash Award, the distinguished Cecil Baugh Award of Excellence in Ceramics and the silver and bronze medal from the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.


ceramic sculpture of a sheep

“Feed My Sheep” sculpture clay, 20″ x 14″ x 3″


One year after graduating college I made the big move to the big USA, after living in Jamaica my entire life. I was so homesick and culture shocked, I could not stop carving mountains, sun rays and leaves.


handbuilt ceramic garden sculpture

“Green Giant” white stoneware clay 5′ x 24″


God was guiding my every path, though. Shortly after moving here, I met the most wonderful person, Linda Spelko. We became fast friends and opened a partnership studio, Juliet Rose Pottery and Studio, together in 2002. We traveled throughout the New England states doing shows and pottery demonstrations. Today we are more than mere friends, we are sisters.


handbuilt and carved ceramic vessel

“Red Ginger” white stoneware clay, 30″ x 12″


I work predominantly with a hand building technique called African coiling, which I learned in Jamaica. My work is greatly inspired by love. Love of God, love of people and love of nature.


Handbuilt ceramic sculpture of a young child

“Born To Die” sculpture clay, 14″ x 10″


I so love working with clay, African coiling, sharing with others the talent that God has blessed me with, and sculpting.


Handbuilt garden sculpture in clay

“Mabel” white stoneware clay, 5′ x 18″


My future goal is to sculpt more and do more gallery exhibitions, including one-woman exhibitions.


hand built and carved ceramic vessel

“Silhouette” white stoneware clay, 18″ x 12″


I currently live and work in Monson, Massachusetts with Linda and John Spelko and their family. I have been very blessed and I am thankful and grateful.


Juliet Bacchas invites you to follow her on Instagram.



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