Featured Artist Pat Wattam

Oil painter Pat Wattam presents a collection from her portfolio, inspired by travel and life experiences. See more of her artwork by visiting her website.


Painting of a streetcar by artist Pat Wattam

“Streetcar” Oil, 16 x 20


I grew up in a small town in Arkansas with ten acres for my playground, horses, donkeys, and a few chickens. Even then, as a little girl, I was interested in capturing images. My dad gave me his old Brownie camera when I was about seven. I was always taking photos of my horse or my friends.


Painting of Icelandic ponies by artist Pat Wattam

“Icelandic Ponies” Oil, 24″ x 30″


I was also drawing from a very young age, mainly horses. But, like my dad, I started playing piano, then woodwinds, and headed off to college to get degrees in music. I had a great career in music and didn’t draw any more. Eventually I became a successful realtor, which actually led to my art career.


Oil painting of a waterfall by Pat Wattam

“Falling Water” oil, 16″ x 20″


I’ve always loved the ocean, waves, palm trees, and beautiful clouds. All of them became the subject of my first paintings after I bought a beach condo in Alabama. A friend suggested I study with her teacher, and the talent that had lain dormant just exploded. So, late in life I found my third career.


Oil painting of a church in a fall landscape by Pat Wattam

“Little Church in the Fall” oil, 9″ x 12″


I create realistic oil paintings. Sometimes they are taken from life and sometimes from photos. My husband and I love to travel and that gives me some of the best ideas for my paintings. Hawaii, Santorini, the beach, hidden waterfalls — it’s an excuse to seek out beauty wherever we travel. I paint what I love and it shows!


Painting of two men wading by Pat Wattam

“Knee Deep” oil, 11″ x 14″


I’m inspired by the beautiful lighting you see in a sunrise, a sunset, the glowing light from within a church, reflections in the water. I just love capturing those on canvas. I’ve always been intrigued by fall leaves as a photographer because they looked like stained glass. Now as an artist I get to really study them and then create them.


Beach Sunrise oil painting by Pam Wattam

“Sunrise at Orange Beach” oil, 16″ x 20″


Winning ribbons and awards is nice because I am so competitive. However, the thing I enjoy most about painting is creating a beautiful piece of art that speaks to someone and brings them joy. I particularly enjoy commissioned pieces that will be kept in a family for generations to come and passed down. These are things that won’t get tossed in the end (I see this a lot as a realtor).


oil painting of a young boy in a garden by Pat Wattam

“Gabe” oil, 11″ x 14″


I’ve had the pleasure of studying with several regionally and nationally renowned artists. I believe that I have to keep studying and growing as an artist. It’s what makes this career a living, breathing part of me. What a wonderful way to spend the rest of my life!


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  1. These are so lovely. Falling Water is my favorite.

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