Featured Artist Majed Abolfazli

Enjoy the fascinating portfolio of photographer Majed Abolfazli, who transforms ordinary objects into a new visual experience. View more on his website.


architectural photograph

“Commitment to Balance 1” photography, various sizes


I started my life-long love of photography in my second year in college. Soon I was fascinated by the idea that what I saw through the viewfinder (my eye) was my unique viewpoint, no matter the subject matter.


photograph of reflections

“Moving Reflection” photography, various sizes


I realized that photography was a visual language that spoke to me (yes, pun intended!) It was a vehicle for me to express myself as an artist. I always had a camera with me, and I still do.


Manipulated photography of a tree

“Flowing Tree” photograph, various sizes


I decided to pursue photography as a career, and I’m still working as a professional. Over the years I have honed my skills and feel it was fortuitous to have traversed the bridge between analog and digital photography.


stitched photograph of a beach scene

“Ocean Beach TimeStitch” 2photograph, various sizes


As much as I’m grateful to be doing what I love for work, the inspiration and satisfaction is rooted in my personal work.


Photo of a nature mural

“Nature Mural” photograph, various sizes


As a fine art photographer, my goal is to capture common objects and scenes in a unique and unfamiliar way. I strive to emphasize the idea of “defamiliarization” or “making strange” in my art, a concept derived from the Russian word ostranenie, to offer viewers a fresh perspective.


photo of contrasts, architecture and sky

“Reality in Departure 1” photography, various sizes


To achieve this, I apply various photographic techniques and design principles such as lighting, textures, patterns, layering, harmony, balance, and movement.


photo of nature reflections

“Shimmering Reflections” 1″ photograph, various sizes


My goal is to create art that provokes thought and emotion by challenging people’s perceptions of what they see.


row house photography collage

“Row Of Houses” photography collage, various sizes


I’m constantly learning and experimenting with new techniques, and I rely on my sense of play and wonder to evolve as an artist. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it, and that it inspires you to see the world in a new and exciting way.


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