Featured Artist Liz Ahmet

Artist Liz Ahmet finds beauty in chaos through her striking portraits created with poured paint and scribble techniques. See more by visiting her website.


acrylic pour painting portrait of a woman

“Lady of Red” acrylic pour on canvas, 30cm x 30cm


I aim to create interesting and emotive artwork in an unpredictable way, as a means to engage and captivate the viewer. The art itself is a form of self expression which I hope connects with all.


portrait of a woman in poured paint by Liz Ahmet

“Untitled” acrylic pour on canvas, 30cm x 30cm


My first emotional portrait was noticed by family at age six, after watching a harrowing film where the heroine is killed at the end!


Acrylic poured paint portrait of a woman

“Lady of the Lake” acrylic pour on canvas, 30cm x 30cm


Even so, being born to immigrants in the 70’s, art was never encouraged as a viable career path, unfortunately. I went on to work in several jobs, in pensions, magazine distribution and family restaurants. I’ve also been a self-employed driving instructor. I was always drawing and painting murals whenever I had the opportunity, and took up photography when I didn’t.


scribble art portrait of a woman

“Untitled” Posca pens scribble art, 21cm x 30cm


Art prevailed though, when it saved me through a difficult period. There was an unexpected result in the form of breakthroughs to my artwork and boosted Instagram followers.


“Leonis” acrylic pour on canvas, 46cm x 55cm


I love to experiment with new mediums. I’m particularly drawn to uncontrollable techniques such as fluid art, though I am mostly known as a scribble artist. I’m unsure why these appeal to me so much.


"Natalie" white pastel scribble art on black paper, 21cm x 30cm

“Natalie” white pastel scribble art on black paper, 21cm x 30cm


Maybe it enables me to become that 6-year-old self again, playing with art or simply as a reminder to “go with the flow” more in life. Therefore, I never plan or create studies for pieces as I feel that this kills the spontaneity and makes the piece soulless.


scribble art portrait white pastel on paper

“Untitled” scribble art white pastel on black paper, 21cm x 30cm


Ultimately, the pieces are all about self-expression. Being a shy introvert, this is my preferred way of communicating where I can take inspiration from all the women in my life.


mixed media scribble art portrait by Liz Ahmet

“Untitled” mixed media scribble sketch, 21cm x 30cm


This has enabled me to collaborate with different brands and have my artwork on album covers, on sports merchandise, in magazines, on the cover of books, as the face of a boutique coffee brand and on the cover of a local newspaper.


scribble art portrait by Liz Ahmet

“Untitled” scribble art white pastel on black paper, 21cm x 30cm


I feel incredibly uplifted seeing my artwork out there in surprising ways as I don’t know what’s coming next. I’m excited to see where my artwork takes me in the future. But one thing’s for sure; I’m not stopping here.


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