Featured Artist Frantisek Strouhal

Artist Frantisek Strouhal presents an ethereal collection of figurative and still life images, each infused with a touch of mystery. View more of his portfolio on his website.


Softly ethereal portrait of a woman

“The Way of Being” mixed media/oil printing/lithography inks, 20” x 24″


Many years ago, while sitting in a warm and inviting café, enjoying a delightful cup of espresso, a profound realization dawned on me. Being an artist means committing to living consciously and using my intellect, affection, and creativity to have a positive influence on the world.


lithograph painting photo of a woman

“A Tale Has Been Born” mixed media/oil printing/lithography inks, 20” x 24”


To accomplish this, I have discovered that the most effective approach was to invest my time and energy in the practice of keen observation, truly perceiving everything before me as if it were my first experience.


ethereal painting of three women

“Out of Hiding” mixed media/oil printing/lithography inks, 20” x 24″


In our fast-paced society, it is far too easy to rush through life, overlooking the beauty and significance of even the simplest things. By deliberately dedicating myself to the act of observation, I am able to fully engage in the present moment. I appreciate the intricate details, subtle nuances, and hidden meanings that often go unnoticed.


still life with violin

“Symphony for Unity” mixed media/oil printing/lithography inks, 20” x 24″


My creative process begins well in advance by carefully visualizing the images to bring my artistic vision to life. Once I’m in my studio, I meticulously arrange the lighting and music to match the mood I want to capture with live models.


artwork with a man and tree of life

“The Tree of Life” mixed media/oil printing/lithography inks, 20” x 24″


My artwork is a unique fusion of painting and photography, brought to life through the ancient and meticulous technique of oil printing on watercolor paper. This process not only demands immense skill and precision but also requires a great deal of patience and a profound sense of trust in the artistic process. In a world dominated by technology, I have chosen to embrace these antiquated methods as a means of conveying the language of the heart and soul.


lithograph, painting, photo of two people embracing

“The Giver” mixed media/oil printing/lithography inks, 20” x 23”


Through my individual experience and expression, each image I create is carefully designed to evoke a myriad of thoughts, emotions, and moods, ultimately inspiring and unraveling the depths of our subconscious nature. By providing this sense of freedom, I encourage individuals to connect with and find personal meaning in my art.


still life with pear

“The Golden Pear” mixed media/oil printing/lithography inks, 20” x 24”


One cannot fully embrace the beauty of art without also embracing the unknown, for it is at the intersection of art and awareness that endless possibilities unfold. My aim is to capture the enchantment and transience of life through captivating visuals that gradually immerse the viewer in a mysterious realm.


ethereal portrait of a woman and flowers

“Love Prevails” mixed media/oil printing/lithography inks, 20” x 24″


By creating, I am actively contributing to a universal awakening, allowing people to experience profound joy, transcend the root causes of prejudice and fear, and discover inner peace. It is a true renaissance of artistry in the modern age.


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