Featured Artist Terri Crowley

Equestrian artist Terri Crowley shares a great love of horses and nature in her stunning portfolio. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


digital painting of a black horse and chandelier

“Beauty and Chandelier” digital mixed media, 20″ x 24″


I am an equestrian artist with roots in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and a heart deeply connected to the beautiful landscapes of Northern California. I’ve journeyed between these very different settings. But I have always found solace in the company of animals and the canvas where my artistic journey began.


digital painting of two horses running by Terri Crowley

“Forever Young” digital mixed media, 30″ x 35″


My love affair with art began during my childhood. I spent it in the charming backdrop of my grandma’s backyard The constant presence of horses sparked a passion that would shape my life. Surrounded by this unique piece of nature and animals in the countryside, creativity and vision naturally became integral parts of who I am today.


digital painting of a German Shepherd dog

“Gunnar” digital mixed media, 25″ x 34″


While largely self-taught, my artistic evolution has been shaped by collaborations with fellow artists. I have a seemingly endless desire for the pursuit of experimentation with various mediums. It was during this exploration that I unexpectedly discovered the digital realm. It is a space where I can seamlessly translate my traditional techniques into new, limitless styles.


digital painting of a horse by equestrian artist Terri Crowley

“Desert Wind” digital mixed media, 32″ x 38″


Armed with a digital pen and tablet, I embraced this modern medium. I honed my skills to design brushes, canvases, and color palettes uniquely tailored to my vision. Stroke by stroke, I breathe life into my art. I ensure that each piece resonates with the same authenticity as my traditional works. The result? Museum-quality canvases, adorned with inks designed to stand the test of time, lasting well over a century.


digital painting of woman and a horse

“Indian Princess” digital mixed media, 40″ x 30″


My affinity for horses naturally led me to build a diverse portfolio centered around these magnificent creatures. What started as a personal exploration evolved into a profession as people began commissioning my work. Drawing inspiration from cherished photographs, I use my distinctive style to immortalize memories of beloved horses, pets, and humans.


digital painting of horses running

“Running With The Wind” digital mixed media, 30″ x 20″


In my artistic expression, I revel in the use of vibrant and bold colors that leap off the canvas, defining my unique style. What jumps out through these colors is my deep connection to the subjects and the joy I find in the creative process.


digital painting of a highland cow with butterfly

“Highland and Butterfly” digital mixed media, 40″ x 30


Now, in my Michigan studio, I continue my artistic journey. The barn is not just a place of inspiration; it is a sanctuary where I find harmony with my horse and draw inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds me.


digital mixed media drawing of a lion

“Your Majesty” digital mixed media, 30″ x 20″


Each creation is a testament to the enduring connection between art, nature, and the soul. This connection has been the guiding force behind my journey as an equestrian artist.


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  1. Gorgeous work. I am totally inspired.

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