Featured Artist Sandra Bryant

Artist Sandra Bryant presents a stunning portfolio of glass mosaics inspired by travel and culture. Enjoy and see more by visiting her website.


glass mosaic of ginko leaves #gingko

“Ginkgo” glass mosaic, 35” x 24”


I absolutely love to travel. Whether it is to explore my local landscape as a traveler, or to experience the world outside this country.


glass mosaic of vineyard workers #vineyard

“Autumn Vineyard” glass mosaic, 24″ x 28″


In mosaic art, there is a joy and a challenge, finding the perfect hue, or cutting the perfect shape and size tesserae to create that feeling.


mosaic of a bowl of apples #apples #fruit

“Apples on a Red Cloth” glass mosaic22” x 28”


It is a process of breaking down large sheets of glass, finding that perfect glass for each small piece, that perfect hue, level of transparency and surface texture that will speak to what I’m trying to say with this glass “brush stroke.”


glass mosaic of boats #boats #boating

“Boats of Vernazza” glass mosaic, 20” x 30”


I use small, tiny pieces in areas of great detail and large, simple shapes for areas of quiet. Sometimes it seems like that perfect piece is always right in the very center of a huge sheet of stained glass.


glass mosaic urban scene in Parma, Italy #mosaic

“Afternoon in Parma” glass mosaic, 22.5” x 21”


The overall theme of my artwork is a resolute celebration of life. We live in a chaotic time. I like to focus instead on the beauty and the wonder of our world, whether it is a human creation, a relationship, or the inspiration of natural things.


glass mosaic of a peony #floral

“Peony” glass mosaic, 20” x 24.5”


Mosaic carries a strong message of relationship, how the multitude of small parts coalesce into a whole universe. It’s always interesting to watch people view one of my public murals. How they step close and touch a small piece, then step back to view the whole.


glass mosaic of a flamenco dancer #flamenco

“Flamenco Dancer” glass mosaic, 25” x 30”


I design and create both large, public, glass mosaic murals and small fine artwork. My work is part of city and state art collections and has been represented in galleries and shown in museum venues. My husband (who is my fabulous installation partner) and I live in the Pacific Northwest, in a bucolic small town surrounded by water, farmland and mountains.


glass mosaic of a landscape of the Seine River #france

“Moonlight Over the Seine” glass mosaic, 16” x 30”


I travel as much as possible and am constantly inspired by the world around me. I’m also an oil painter and will typically create a painted work as a study for each mosaic mural or fine art piece. I am mainly self-taught and have spent my life learning and looking at the world with an artist’s eye.


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  1. Striking original work, congratulations, as I thoroughly enjoyed the variety and quality of your vision.
    “I . . . have spent my life learning and looking at the world with an artist’s eye.” Yes!

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