Featured Artist Adrian Skiles

Photographer and digital artist Adrian Skiles shares a vibrant portfolio that celebrates his adopted home of Santa Fe, New Mexico. View more by visiting his website.


digital photograph of Cathedral Rock

“Cathedral Rock at Sunset” digital photography, sizes vary


My passion for photography began in the 1970s. When in high school, I discovered the work of Ansel Adams. The clarity and scope of his images inspired me to use the camera lens to interpret the world of nature and beyond. Since that time, I have focused most of my photography on the majesty of landscapes, both in color and black and white.


digital photograph of a native American

“Traditional Chief Jicarilla, Apache Nation” digital photography, sizes vary


A few years ago, I made the transition from film to digital format photography. While investigating this newer technology I discovered that by utilizing a particular combination of photographic and graphics art computer software, I was able to expand my artistic vision of what the final photographic subject could convey to the viewer. I call it Image Shifting–Graphics-Infused Photography.


digital photograph of a cow skull

“Cow Skull 2” digital photography, sizes vary


My wife and I decided to make Santa Fe, New Mexico our home in 2020. I began concentrating on how I could communicate the beauty and spirituality of the area in a more impactful way. The subjects of my photography include Native cultural items, desert landscapes, and local architecture.


digital photograph of a teepee

“Teepee 1” digital photography, sizes vary


At the same time, I pivoted towards a more “Southwest” color palette. I use bold colors, deeper texture, more luminescence and other adjustments to my original photographs. My goal was to create a different way of viewing the subject matter while evoking an emotional connection to the spirit of each piece.


digital photograph of a pueblo ladder in Santa Fe

“Pueblo Ladder” digital photography, sizes vary


Since moving to Santa Fe, I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful Native Americans who have shared with me personal photographs. They asked that I apply my “Image Shifting” techniques to them. The work I have completed has been met with their enthusiastic approval. I am proud to include these in my portfolio.


digital photo of a Santa Fe sign

“Santa Fe” digital photography, sizes vary


My works are produced as metal prints. I prefer this high-definition dye sublimation printing method which allows for vivid, sharp, dynamic prints. The aluminum base adds luminosity. A high gloss finish ensures that every nuance of my work is captured.


digital photo of a church in Santa Fe

“San Francisco de Asís Mission Church” digital photography


Recently I built an online virtual gallery which includes over 70 of my works. This allows anyone to view my works adding depth and scale in a gallery setting in an almost 3-D environment.


digital photo of Fire Mountain in Abiquiu, NM

“Fire Mountain Abiquiu” digital photography, sizes vary


Photographing landscapes or still life and turning them into something unique that the viewer can enjoy, appreciate and even be moved by, truly humbles me. I have a deep love and respect for the people, cultures and landscape of Northern New Mexico. Its ever-changing beauty of light, clouds and shadows continues to inspire my work.


Adrian Skiles invites you to follow on Instagram and visit his virtual gallery.


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