Checklist for Professional Presentation

Are you serious about your creative business? Put your best foot forward and get taken seriously by those important prospective customers.     One of the biggest mistakes that artists make is jumping into the marketing arena … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lisa Welcher

Ocean inspired ceramic vessel by Lisa Welcher

Ceramic artist Lisa Welcher presents a collection of handbuilt vessels inspired by ocean life. See more by visiting her website.     I was born in Los Angeles in 1959. I was lucky enough to have a mother that allowed my … [Read more]

Featured Artist John Wesley

mixed media pop culture painting by John Wesley

Mixed media artist John Wesley presents a compelling collection of boldly colorful abstract paintings. Visit his website to see more of his portfolio.     I like the labels on all the items in my refrigerator to face the same … [Read more]

Featured Artist Grace Marquez

painting of an underwater shipwreck

Artist Grace Marquez explores the fascinating underwater realm in paintings based on scuba diving experiences. See more of her portfolio on her website.     I was born on a tiny island dubbed the “heart” of the Philippines. I … [Read more]

Featured Artist David Charity

Humorous flying fish quilt by David Charity

Enjoy the charming portfolio of fiber artist David Charity, who combines traditional skills with contemporary humor. See more by visiting his website.     I was always drawing and cartooning growing up, and took drafting in … [Read more]

Add Credibility to Your Art Website

How to Build Credibility

Professional presentation makes a great first impression and helps you gain traction with your art website. Here’s how to start.     People who buy art or fine craft don’t want to buy from amateurs. They want to buy from artists … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kara Young

Earthy Southwestern triptych art by Kara Young

Mixed media artist Kara Young draws inspiration from the culture and land of New Mexico. Enjoy her portfolio, and see more by visiting her website.     I am Kara Young, a celebrated artist from the enchanting city of Santa Fe, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Hariclia Michailidou

cosmic digital art

Digital artist Hariclia Michailidou presents a collection of abstracts inspired by deep space and faraway galaxies. View more from this artist on her website.     With nothing in my mind—or perhaps with everything in my mind—in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Carol Roark

Oil painting of an old tree

Oil painter Carol Roark shares a beautifully classic portfolio of landscapes that captures the spirit of the South. Visit her website to see more of her work.     I have been intrigued with drawing since childhood, but I believe it … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ksenija Kostic Pecaric

linocut with Hebrew words

Printmaker Ksenija Kostic Pecaric presents a stunning series of linocuts inspired by Hebrew calligraphy and Biblical figures. Find more of her work here.     I was born into an artistic family in the former Yugoslavia, now … [Read more]

Wholesaling as a Business Model

shoppers at a wholesale trade show

Why do artists choose to wholesale their work? Here are seven reasons why you might want to consider it.     Artists who wholesale their handmade work to retailers are entering a marketplace that helps sustain their businesses in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Tina Birch Chimenti

humorous painting of a dinner party by Tina Birch Chimenti

Artist Tina Birch Chimenti shares a collection of fascinating and complex narrative paintings. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website to view more of her work.     I paint to tell stories. I grew up in a small town 30 … [Read more]

Featured Artist Donald Hill

fine art photograph of tulips

Fine art photographer Donald Hill shares a collection of nature images focused on capturing the quality of light. See more on his website.     After I retired as an architect in Seattle, I found time to spend on my growing … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dawn Miller

Colorful oil painting landscape

Artist  Dawn Miller presents a collection of landscape oil paintings that are a visual delight. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     I am a dedicated artist located in the Saint Louis area. My captivating … [Read more]