Featured Artist Susan Straub-Martin

Susan Straub-Martin is the passionate artist and owner of Strauberry Studios and Galleries. Visit Susan’s website for more information and her complete portfolio.


Digital collage whimsical bears

“Along for the Ride” digital collage, sizes vary


I am the chief creative at Strauberry Studios and Galleries. Since the last publication to this site, I have written and illustrated nine children’s books featuring characters I call buddies.


Children's book Stars Shining Bright Above You


My two latest publications, Stars Shining Bright Above You and Polar Bears Are Left Handed Who Knew 2, are in a hard cover book version and a digital version. All of my books can be found on Amazon and at local bookstores near you.


Children's book Polar Bears are Left-Handed


Art saved my life. Twice.


digital collage of a fox in the forest by Susan Straub-Martin

“A Rebel with Paws” digital collage, sizes vary


My art is a whimsical expression of animals and flowers that use a diorama of layers and custom patterns to create dimension and tell stories with heart. I have named my style Whimsical Digital Collage.


digital collage of a bear wearing a headdress by artist Susan Straub-Martin

“Costume” digital collage, sizes vary


Whether in my art or my children’s book illustrations, I hope to bring joy to the hearts and souls of the viewers.


whimsical digital collage of a penguin by Susan Straub-Martin

“Stars Shine for You” digital collage, sizes vary


I have spent 39+ years working in the graphic and instructional design arenas for companies like Disney, Apple, Microsoft, and T-Mobile. I have taken these experiences and created my style and stories that teach. I have also been featured in many galleries across north America.


digital collage of whales by Susan Straub-Martin

“Believe in Your Dreams” digital collage, sizes vary


I have a piece in the permanent collect for the Odessa brown Children’s Clinic Children’s Hospital in Seattle. I have also been featured in the annual Bryn Mar Rehabilitation Centers annual show.


Hare in the Snow, digital collage by Susan Straub-Martin

“Hare in the Rainbow Snow” digital collage, sizes vary


I have always had a passion to create. Whether it is art, music, drama or storytelling, it doesn’t matter. This brings me to how art saved my life. The first time was in high school trying to find a way to fit into a new school. The second time was after surviving a life-threatening illness.


Black bear under the moon, digital collage by Susan Straub-Martin

“Potion” digital collage, sizes vary


Art & Imagination took me to a very happy and prolific place.


digital collage design with foxes by Susan Straub-Martin

“Foxes at Midnight” digital collage, sizes vary


You can find me on Instagram or LinkedIn.



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