Featured Artist Susan Straub-Martin

Susan Straub-Martin is the passionate artist and owner of Strauberry Studios. Visit Susan’s website for more information and her complete portfolio.


Bernese Mountain Dog

“Bernie” by Susan Straub-Martin


Her background encompasses illustrating international brands for highly respected companies including Disney and Warner Brothers to creating imagery for local events such as ‘Pigs on Parade’ in Seattle.


Painting of penguins

“Sunday in the Park” by Susan Straub-Martin


She has been creating art for over 30 years and was formally educated at the University of Arizona. Susan’s three distinct product lines: The Lemon Drop Penguin Shop, 3 Bears Ink, and My Dog Spot showcase her own unique art in the form of Ornaments, Magnets, Mugs, Coasters, Clocks, Prints and Plush. Susan is currently working on several children’s books and designing plush toys based on the characters in her stories.


Bear and Reindeer playing hide and seek

“Hide and Seek” by Susan Straub-Martin


What are your goals?
My goal is to one day support myself, my family and my favorite charities with my artwork.
"Isaac the Great" by Susan Straub-Martin

“Isaac the Great” by Susan Straub-Martin

What are you working on now?
Right now I am working on three books for my characters. I am writing and illustrating the books so it takes a bit of time and energy.
"Kissmoose" by Susan Straub-Martin

“Kissmoose” by Susan Straub-Martin

What inspires you?
Music, nature, color, friends, family and joy inspire me. I can glean a spark from just about anything. I am getting to know all of my characters so well that they wake me up at night with a new story idea or painting.
"I Left My Heart" by Susan Straub-Martin

“I Left My Heart” by Susan Straub-Martin

 You can become a Twitter fan at http://twitter.com/LmnDropPenguin


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