Email Marketing for Artists – Part 2

By Carolyn Edlund

Do you have an email list and are you ready to go with your newsletters? Now grow that list and reach more potential customers!


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Email Marketing for Artists – Part 1 presented a basic how-to for getting your email subscriptions and newsletters up and running. Here are some ways to grow that subscriber list and make your newsletters even more effective:

Blog. Putting a blog page on your website gives you the opportunity to present more about your work, announcements, and link-building with other sites. Frequent postings also increase your page rank for searches. Use your most recent blog post as a headline in your newsletter, with a teaser paragraph – inviting readers to click through to your site. Add an email signup prompt at the end of every blog post for website visitors to get on your list.

Backlinks. Partner with others to exchange links between your sites. Recommend them on your website, and give them a link as well. This drives traffic for both of you, creating more subscribers.

Embed a Video. This very powerful tool on your website gives you an opportunity to present your work, or perhaps a time-lapse film of how you create. A reminder at the end of the video to sign up as an email subscriber will increase your base. Use YouTube to create one free.

Pop-Ups. A pop-up screen on your website can invite subscribers to enter their email addresses before leaving your site. You are more likely to get sign-ups if you ask only for their first name and email address rather than more extensive information about them.

In Person. Got a show coming up? Use a guest sign-in book to capture their email addresses, getting permission for you to communicate with them by newsletter. These hot prospects have seen your work in person. Don’t let them forget you!

Business Cards. Any networking or business event that you attend is an opportunity to build your newsletter subscription list. When you exchange cards, ask if you can keep in touch by newsletter. You can even have a newsletter sign-up prompt on your business card.

Social networking. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are essential ways to connect and drive traffic to your website, and invite subscribers.  Make your communications with others valuable to them, not just pleas for sign-ups. If you want to receive, you must be a giver. Promote and assist others and you will receive help yourself with referrals.

Mailings. A direct mail postcard should, among other things, invite recipients to your site, and specifically mention your email newsletter. They may want to hear more from you, and you can do it less expensively by saving the costs of stamps and printing, by sending communications electronically.

Forwarding. In the body of your newsletter, suggest that recipients forward it along to other people they know who may be interested in your work.  This drives new readers to your site, where they can sign up too!

Referrals. When you contact your customer base through email newsletters, ask them for referrals to other potential customers who may be interested in your work. When you receive one, make sure you thank that person through an email or personal written note.

Giveaways. Use your website to offer a free piece of your art or craft work to be given to a random winner, requiring readers to give their email address to be entered. Let them know that they are signing up for your newsletters.

Presentations. Giving a talk, teaching a class, or making a presentation? Mention your newsletter, and collect names and email addresses of those who are interested.

Press. In your press releases, or articles written about you for newspapers, magazines and blogs, mention that you have a regular newsletter. Of course, your newsletter will have really interesting content they will want to read!

Signatures. Include a link to your subscriber sign-up page on your email signature.

Profiles. Your profile on LinkedIn allows for three web addresses. Make one of them your email sign-up form. On Facebook, use your sign-up invitation in your profile as well.


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