Create Your Own Art Book

by Carolyn Edlund

Add a catalog of your artwork in book format to your marketing toolbox.


art book

Full-color book featuring the work of artist Glen Kessler


With the easy availability of just about any kind of custom printing today, many artists have hardbound books of their portfolios printed. Since these books are available with no minimums, changing the content is easy, and one-offs are simple to acquire.

To add value, sign each one as the artist. Then, use your hardbound books to help promote your work while providing a beautiful keepsake or gift. Here are some ways to use them:

  1. Keep books in your studio, available to visitors and for open studio events.
  2. Have a hardbound book made detailing the process of creating a special commission. This becomes a conversation piece that the client will share with others. What more perfect presentation could an artist ask for?
  3. Use as a promotional piece for “dream prospects.” More substantial that a brochure or postcard, a book gives a lasting and professional touch. Imagine having these delivered to interior designers or architects containing your corporate art portfolio. You may end up in their resource library!
  4. Give as a gift with a large purchase of your work. If the art purchased is in the book, this will be a matter of pride for the new owner.
  5. Sell your books. Many collectors who cannot afford to make a purchase may enjoy owning a coffee table book of your art. They can own a little piece of your creativity, while aspiring to own an original. This keeps your name in front of them.
  6. Want a giveaway or contest prize? A full-color hardbound book of your work might just fit the bill.

Interested? Find out more about publishing your own book at Lulu, Blurb or BookBaby.


Art Credit: See the work of artist Glen Kessler here.



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