In The Studio

By Carolyn Edlund

Artsy Shark celebrates the artist’s studio, and presents a gallery of candid shots of our artist friends at work. Enjoy!


Ron McCorkle

Déjà vu strikes as Ron McCorkle poses for a portrait in his studio – twice.

Sheila Grabarsky

Artist Sheila Grabarsky with one of her bold and colorful abstract paintings.

Eduardo Gomez

Sculptor Eduardo Gomez works on “Soul Dance,” to be cast in bronze.

Karen Keough

Award-winning watercolorist Karen Keough poses for a snapshot in her Massachusetts studio.

Melvin Harris

Digital artist Melvin Harris doing what he loves – creating colorful, light-filled, unique images and designs.

Anita Wexler

Stone sculptor Anita J.Wexler tackles a new studio project in marble.

Aimee Cozza

Aimee Cozza works on her hand drawn one-of-a-kind skateboard deck designs.

Ann Laase Bailey

Mixed media bead artist Ann Laase Bailey displays new work from her paper doll series in a recent studio tour.

Judy Osiowy

Vancouver artist Judy Osiowy paints an abstract on canvas in her studio.

Alan Richards

Alan Richards works on a photomanipulation project on his studio computer.

Peggy Krauser

Florida watercolor artist Peggy Krauser takes a break in her studio.

Cindy Grisdela credit Dean Souleles

Fiber artist Cindy Grisdela  in her studio, surrounded by a riot of color.  Photo Credit Dean Souleles.

Malcolm Dewey

Artist Malcolm Dewey in his studio, putting finishing touches on a new landscape painting.

Debra Keirce

Debra Keirce, keeping it real and painting art that invites you to look closer.

Judith Kramer

Artist Judith Kramer, in the studio with her Abstract Architectural and Geometric Exploration paintings.

Anne Cherubim

Artist Anne Cherubim, with paintings from her Ethereal series.

Lynn Welker

Lynn Welker’s greatest joy comes from her hours in the studio creating imagined abstracted landscape paintings.

Paula Blackwell's Studio

A new encaustic landscape painting on the easel in Paula Blackwell’s studio.

Meg Black

 New England artist Meg Black works with pigmented handmade paper to create landscapes.

Kelly Thiel

Artist Kelly Thiel with a large-scale painting in her studio.

Mauricio Paz Viola

Artist Mauricio Paz Viola works intently in his studio on a new abstract.

Nancy Christy-Moore

Nancy Christy-Moore uses a negative painting technique on her latest canvas.

Janice Shoultz-Mudd

Painter Janice Schoultz Mudd poses with one of her mixed media paintings.

Laneea Tolley

Artist Laneea Tolley works on one of her distinctive wildlife paintings using overlapping imagery.


  1. Thank you for including me in this lineup of incredible artists!

  2. Enjoy the dog days of summer, and have an artful day!

  3. Great series! Love to see all these fabulous artists in their element!!

  4. Great post!! I LOVE seeing my fellow artists in their natural habitats! 🙂

  5. Congratulations Eduardo!

  6. Thanks again, Carolyn, for including me!

  7. Such a beautiful wealth of Artists oozing with talent…’s great to have a platform that we are all gathered together to celebrate our love of visual art…..

  8. love this series of “artists in their studios”…fun to get a glimpse into their world!!

  9. Thank you for including me!

  10. Ron McCorkle says

    Thanks for posting my photo Carolyn. Sorry, no website or other. I am working on that though. I really enjoy this ‘ In the Studio ‘ series. What a great community of super talented artists!

  11. Wonderful photo’s of so many artists and their studios! It’s a reminder of the many different ways that people work in their work spaces. I wanted to visit them all.

  12. Such eye candy!! And I feel honored to be included in such a talented group. Thank you!

  13. I absolutely loved this online studio tour of all these fantastic artists. There is nothing more satisfying to the soul than to see the artists and their great work in such a variety of mediums and also expressions. Thank you so much for sharing this studio tour. I think it is a fabulous idea and want to see more, more, more! Peace and many blessings, Annie

    • Thanks Anne, this is the third in a series of photo articles about artists working. Next up will be “Artists on Location.” I am seeking great photos of artists plein air painting, working in the field, in galleries, at shows, etc.

      Any interested artist is encouraged to please send an email to [email protected] with a photo and description, plus a link to your website.

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