Artists on Location

Artsy Shark celebrates artists in the field, hard at work, showing, selling, or gathering inspiration.


Mike Hudson

Photographer Mike Hudson captures an image during his autumn trip to Maine.

Carol Santora

Artist Carol Santora confers with a model for one of her pastel animal portraits.

Georgia Mansur

  Georgia Mansur paints the landscape en plein air at Libby’s Rock.

Bonnie J. Smith

Fiber artist Bonnie J. Smith speaks about her work in an exhibition at the Loft Gallery in San Pedro, CA.

Ankya Klay

Ankya Klay shares her video with a delighted crowd in Zimbabwe.

Hena Tayeb

Photographer Hena Tayeb captures architectural details in Key West.

Emanuela Aureli

Jewelry artist Emanuela Aureli displays her work at an outdoor fair.

Sally West

Australian painter Sally West hits Sydney’s north beaches for inspiration.

Geri Obermann

Geri Obermann snaps a photo on location in London.

Jeff Ripple

Jeff Ripple at his easel in the Everglades National Park near Long Pine Key just before sunset.

Rosemary Williams

Rosemary Williams walks through a wet meadow in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park after photographing butterflies.

Jan Crooker

Artist Jan Crooker snapped this photo of her plein air painting on a sweltering summer day in Annapolis, Maryland.

Krysia Napiorkowski

Krysia Napiorkowski with her stained glass lamps at the Fuller Lodge Art Center gallery in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

John Garland Tyson

John Garland Tyson works on three colorful canvases filled with swimming jellyfish.

Kathleen Hall

Kathleen Hall, co-owner of The Gallery Next Door in Bar Harbor, Maine, with a few of her palette knife paintings.

Marty Saccone in Quoddy Head State Park

Marty Saccone spends a majority of his time photographing landscapes and seascapes at Quoddy Head State Park in Maine.

Lynn Welker

Lynn Welker appears at a show of her work at A Gallery Fine Art in Palm Desert, California.

Troy Lacey

Fiber artist Troy Berggren Lacey speaks with a customer at a Tennessee craft fair.


  1. great, thanks carolyn for putting me up here with all the beautiful other makers!
    will pass it on for sure… 🙂


  2. how fun to see artists out of the studio, out on various locations!!

  3. Carolyn thank you for highlighting the work we do and celebrating our commitment to improving our craft~ so many hard working artists out there doing what we love and loving what we do! : D

  4. Rosemary Williams says

    Thank you so much for including me in your article!

  5. Thanks again Carolyn. I really appreciate the extra exposure (no pun intended…).


  6. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for featuring my pic. in your Artists on Location page today.
    And hello to any of you visitors. I would love you to come by my way !

  7. Hello Carolyn,
    A big thank you for featuring me in your Artists on Location page today.
    My particular favorite subjects,….
    The coastal remoteness of Down East Maine especially its unique unexploited character that incorporate so well into landscapes and seascapes.
    You will see land and seascapes of Quoddy Head State Park located in Lubec, Maine as well as various still life studies depicting nautical themed subjects and portrayals in the natural environment.
    Thank you if you stop on by, browse, just say hello, browse or leave a comment.
    I always enjoy talking shop or just exchanging thoughts.

    • I think it’s always fascinating to see where and how artists work. Art isn’t only a thing, it’s an experience. Happy to share yours with the readers.

  8. I enjoyed that! Wanted to see even more!!!

  9. Carolyn,

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen an artist working that this felt so good. Thank you. I use to “summer” with a group in our colony in Maine. Not much interaction. But, still, they were just nice to see around. It felt great to me. I didn’t know why, but I felt very comfortable around them. Now I know why!

    Thanks, again, Carolyn, for your unending specialness you have.

    Best Always,


  10. Peggy Stokes says

    Thank you for allowing us to see so many wonderful artists..Peggy Stokes Solana Beach CA

    • Peggy Stokes says

      May I ask how to upload some images for you to view…Peggy Stokes

      • Peggy, These artists were invited to send photos of themselves on location … and invitations were sent to artists who submitted their work to be featured artists.

        If you are also interested in being a featured artist, see this page

        Featured artists are chosen through a juried submission process several times a year. The next opportunity is fall, 2013. If you want to receive email notification, please become a subscriber.

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