Featured Artist Ben Hilario-Caguiat

Sculptor and mixed media artist Ben Hilario-Caguiat uses texture, color and shape to create visual playgrounds. To see more of his artwork, please visit his website.



“Lola” Mixed Media, 10″ x 8″ x 1.75″


Anime (Japanese film and television animation) inspires me to create interesting pieces. They cover a range of subjects and often cover multiple ideas, genres, highly memorable characters and storylines. I do my best to create work in the spirit of this borderless kinetic storytelling and beautiful renderings.



“Blaze” Monotype, 13″ x 8″ x 7″


I’d like audiences to have fun and feel memorable and unique emotions after seeing my art. A strong singular concept supported by layers of interest drives each creation. Artistic elements are carefully chosen to work in different venues and are made for busy people. Differently demanding experiences confront people every day. With these forces in mind, I expect my art to be approached and enjoyed in various ways over an extended period of time.



“Sterling” Monotype with Embossment, 29″ x 22.5″


Like my inspiration, I’m layered and at times full of diverse ideas. My MBA and business background are meshed with my intuitive creative process. I use both positive and negative space equally to create works that seem to move with energy while oddly creating a sense of calm when the viewer focuses on one of its many aspects.



“@” Steel, 7″ x 6.75″ x 4″


I design my art as playgrounds for the mind and soul. I aim to create a visual feast of discovery where textures, colors, shapes and even subject matter are placed below the surface of a work’s initial form. As people find the hidden patterns, they also have a chance to discover themselves.



“Praetor” Mixed Media, 10″ x 8″ x 1.75″


Constant experimentation, unconventional combinations of traditional and unique materials, hand-cut shapes and risk-taking are integral to my process. I have so far used a MIG welder, ink, archival glues, paste, plastic, metal, wood, lithographic oil, acrylic, organic leaves and branches to create my works in a range of sizes in both 2D and 3D and for both indoor and outdoor venues.



“Tiamat” Monotype with Collage, 27.75″ x 22.25″


Currently, I’m simultaneously working on over sized and re-imagined iconic mixed media pieces with fabric as design elements while continuing to produce ever evolving pieces and versions of my prints and sculptures.


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