Abstract Showcase

A selection of artist friends share a favorite piece of their abstract work, their inspiration and why they create. Click on each name to visit their website.


Repose by Nicole Daniah Sidonie

Nicole Daniah Sidonie

As an artist trained in the Realist tradition, “Repose” represents my greatest leap from representational to abstraction. Experimenting between these two expressions has been invaluable to my artistic development.

Artwork by Cooky Goldblatt

Cooky Goldblatt

I create abstract digital art that invites beauty into our digital world of 0’s and 1’s.

Artwork by Frances Bildner

Frances Bildner

I make my brushstrokes and the canvas starts to tell its story in colour. I am totally inspired by colour. For me a world without colour is unimaginable!

Artwork by Stephanie Estrin

Stephanie Estrin

My work explores the relationship of human nature and emotions. With the use of bright, bold colors I strive to make statements that are positive and uplifting to provide the viewer a world of sensory pleasure.

Artwork by Gail Bean

Gail Bean

My acrylic paintings emphasize color and texture. I create texture by stamping or carving with various tools into wet gesso. The composition is further developed with contrasting values and color.

Artwork by Helene Messier

Hélène Messier

My sensibility, paired with my expressive character, guides my abstract creations. Vitality, optimism, spontaneity are my key messages. I play with colors and forms; they make my moods visible.

Artwork by Jacqueline Allison

Jacqueline Allison

The vibrant colors and symbols of Native American art, weavings and pottery from my childhood in the Southwest continue to influence the palette and expressive marks in my paintings today.

Artwork by RoseMarie Davio

RoseMarie Davio

My creative and intuitive work begins when I enter my studio. My collection of memories and their presence move me to create. Look closely, you will see them there.

Artwork by Véronique Besançon

Véronique Besançon

Ever since childhood, I have been interested in and touched by authenticity. It is that authenticity that I continue to seek out and explore in my paintings.

Artwork by Julie Ahmad

Julie Ahmad

I paint in an intuitive style, not having the final outcome in mind from the start. It’s a practice in trust; where the canvas will lead is full of surprises.


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