Photography Showcase

We asked some photographers to share a favorite image, and what inspires their work. Enjoy, and visit each artist’s website by clicking on their name.


Photography by Kim Carr


Kim Carr

Animals make me happy. Through photography I am able to share my joy of life on a small Missouri farm. If you are smiling, then I have accomplished my goal.


Photography by Dorothy Berry-Lound


Dorothy Berry-Lound

All my pieces have a story and I use photo-painting techniques to develop that story and create a mood with my image developing an energy with colour and texture.


Photography by Arthur Jacob


Arthur Jacob 

SUNSET is one of my favorite works because of its strength, power and colors. It has also been well received and given Best In Show in one competition.


Photography by Lorri Freedman


Lorri Freedman

My passion for photography is limitless. I enjoy the entire creative process, with the fulfillment of capturing an inspiring moment and expressing it onto my finished work.


Photography by Anita Getzler


Anita Getzler

I’m awestruck when small gems in nature­ expand into their own universe. My photographs honor that smaller part of the whole, and that part becomes an abstract world unto itself.


Photography by Sharon Brender


Sharon Brender

My photography is my voice. This is me; this what I have to say. My hope is that others will hear what I’m saying and find joy in the experience.


Photography by Peter Bennett


Peter Bennett

Juxtaposition is a common theme in much of my environmental work, portraying industrial and urban blight in a beautiful context is important in getting people to look these unique subjects.


Photography by Dawn Whitmore


Dawn Whitmore

I am intrigued by finding beauty in landscape and nature. An integral part of my process is to capture the relationship between the composition and perspective of each photograph.


Photography by Melanie Honig


Melanie Honig

My photographs (old, new, digital, film) are altered by hand-painting, scratching, bending, re-photographing and layering with paint strokes and digital images and textures I collect as I travel.


Photography by Susan Chesnut


Susan Chesnut

My inspiration for my photography comes from the beauty of nature, sights and sounds that surround me in the forest. My hope is to capture the depth and personality of the subject.



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  1. Combining art science and technology
    It’s nice to see all the picture but a little bit conservative.collage composition over layers can create a other approach of what photography can be today.
    My personal technique is to play with abstraction manipulating the natural full spectrum of colors using a tool of science to combine a interesting approach of what photography can be today…Done manually and technologically approaches development. A different way to work to think to create…
    I was more traditional before but this discovery and this new way to build image fascinated me a lot

    my personal vision of what photography can be today!!!
    pierre pepin artist

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