Featured Artist Toni Silber-Delerive

Artist Toni Silber-Delerive’s birds eye view landscapes are visually compelling. To see more of her acrylic paintings, visit her website.


"Nottinghamshire Coal Mine" Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 48"

“Nottinghamshire Coal Mine” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 48″


In a previous life I must have been a bird.


"Circular Development" Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 36"

“Circular Development” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 36″


Viewed from elevated positions, my aerial paintings interpret the world we live in, revealing a narrative while retaining the character of the location. I use a modern perspective to develop a graphic visual vocabulary which is more abstract than representational.


"South Africa Suburb" Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 48"

“South Africa Suburb” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 48″


My broad range of subjects chronicles architecture as well as the earth’s natural landscape. Some of the locations are specific, like “Dusseldorf, Germany”, or have the feeling of their community, like “South Africa Suburb”. I strive to compel viewers to see the world from a different perspective.


"Identical Pools" Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 48"

“Identical Pools” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 48″


I explore the idea that, contrary to our professed individualism, we too often copy one another; creativity is lost to conformity. I deliberately choose turquoise for the pools to contrast against the houses. The choice of color reflects the mood for my work.


"Dubai Roadways" Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 36"

“Dubai Roadways” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 36″


I want my work to reflect on the world we live in. An aerial glimpse of a thriving motorway comments on the infrastructure explosion resulting from the oil boom.


Highway Loops

“Highway Loops” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 48″


I start with the narrative, then proceed to sketch my idea from one my own photographs or stock material. The next step is to block out the shapes, patterns and color working with Photoshop to further refine composition and color. Finally, it is time to work at the easel.


"View from Macau Tower" Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 36"

“View from Macau Tower” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 36″


Two diverse, yet related, painters are my major influences. The first is Wayne Thiebaud for his greatly exaggerated perspective emphasizing verticality of compositions. I am also influenced by the exemplary distinctive hard-edge abstractions of Richard Diebenkorn.


"Jodhpur, India" Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 48"

“Jodhpur, India” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 48″


I am now learning to conquer a new medium for me — silk screening. They are my paintings’ close cousins, only in a smaller format. Projecting my interpretation of the same concept and approach, they are executed in a variety of serigraphy methods from digital design to hand drawing.


The artist Toni Silber-Delerive

The artist Toni Silber-Delerive


I studied painting at the Philadelphia College of Art. Featured in private and corporate collections, my work has earned over fifty awards.


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  1. These are certainly admirable. I like them all. My favorite is Jodhpur India.

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