Love of Color

Art and color are perfect partners. We asked some artist friends to share their works and their approach to using color. Click each name to visit their website.


Artwork by John Barney


John Barney

I never let reality get in the way of color. My focus on psychological dimension promotes the use of color in unusual ways. It lives to bring life to a neutral space.


Artwork by Jacky Hutson


Jacky Hutson

Experimenting with colour combinations mixed with layering and detail is integral to my work. Finding new matches is brilliant,I will never be bored of colour and how it can change everything.


Artwork by Cynthia Shaw


Cynthia Shaw

I love color in nature, my city environment, shops, galleries, exhibits, everywhere I go.  I surround myself with bright colors.  So painting with colors feels very exciting and energizing!


Artwork by Complicated Art Man


Complicated Art Man 

My artwork is inspired by things I see in nature, throughout my daily journey and sometimes from dream sequences as well. Medium of choice is acrylic and I love to create with the paint knife. The paint knife technique makes for serendipitous creations.


Artwork by Bernardo Castaneda Fernandez


Bernardo Castañeda Fernández 

My work is mostly inspired by nature. I aim to create art that will allow the viewer to feel good and find some peace within this complex and hectic life we all find ourselves living in.


Artwork by Dolores Baker


Dolores Baker

Art to me is a multi-hued field of energy.  Everything in the universe is made up of the same energy which is expressed in as many ways as there are beings, thoughts and emotions.


Artwork by John Inglis


John Inglis

I am interested in the interplay of temperature, texture and form; bright colors help convey what I am searching for in my explorations with each medium that I work in.


Artwork by Eddie Bruckner


Eddie Bruckner

I create acrylic on canvas paintings that use vibrant colors, bold lines, and the illusion of mosaic tile as a visual language of happiness, love, and the beautification of physical space.


Artwork by Rebecca Kane


Rebecca Kane

Color can set the mood of a room, and so all my work has the effect of the painting on its setting in mind when I am creating it. This painting was created with the thought of its color and texture brightening, while not dominating the space.


Artwork by Erice Reid


Erice Reid

I enjoy the strong contrast of black and white and complete each painting with a touch of color. I never plan color combination beforehand…I combine (colors) until I get that happy feeling of my heart telling me that the painting is complete.


Artwork by Gail Bean


Gail Bean

In this acrylic painting, texture was added to the canvas before the painting process began. The texture, color and value contrast work together to create a three-dimensional effect.


Artwork by Geri Kelly


Geri Kelly

I am inspired by all the glorious colours provided to me by Mother Nature. There is colour and beauty in everything that has been created!


Artwork by Marie Wohlfahrt


Marie Wohlfahrt

Curiously observing nature, fervently studying chemistry & compulsively collecting seashells; 3 passions which constantly nurture my abstract oil paintings. Tri-dimensional pieces, their Essence comes from “objects” that once lived.


Artwork by Nat Solomon


Nat Solomon

I love the beautiful variety of tones and brightness when I use color in many of my paintings. Shades of similar color enrich my tones.


Artwork by Priscilla Batzell


Priscilla Batzell

All my life I have been inspired and stimulated by what the world has shown me. My channeled translation of that appreciation is most often vibrant, bold, and I hope – compelling.


Artwork by Stacy Mayo


Stacey Mayo

I chose to use colors for Stevie’s hair, face and aura that represent his essence. I am very inspired by his music, the joy that emanated from him during this concert and the contribution he has made to the world.


Artwork by Tyler Davis


Tyler Davis

I believe art should dance with the eyes and stimulate the mind. “Harlequin Opal” is a representation of the color scheme of its namesake mineral, from my Crystal Abstraction series.


Artwork by Warren Lynn


Warren Lynn

I am an artist and engineer from the Los Angeles area working to create unique abstract works of art that are inspired by the world around me. My art is digitally created on an Apple iMac computer using Photoshop to deliver a stimulating viewing experience through distinctive layers, colors, shapes, and shading.


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  1. I am always motivated by color as you can see in my work! I’ve combined my love of photography, technology and painting to create my work.

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