Digital Art Showcase

Digital art can take many forms. We invited some artist friends to share their work, inspiration and techniques. Click on each name to see more of their art.


Artwork by Marcus Blackwell


Marcus Blackwell

I’m interested in storytelling, combining a variety of digital tools, traditional drawing and painting, and collage techniques to create modern abstract works that explore ideas of symbolism, Afro-futurism, mythology, folklore, and social commentary.


Artwork by Kim Whittemore


Kim Whittemore

I like to twist reality by asking the question ‘What if?’ and intertwining whimsy with a deeper meaning. I want my art to be a fun escape from life inside the box.


Artwork by Randilee Golden


Randilee Golden

As a mixed media artist, the digital process is a wonderful bridge between different materials. Through layering techniques, I am able to push my ideas further and reveal new aspects of their depth and meaning.


Artwork by Leslie Kell


Leslie Kell

The transformation of ordinary images into something extraordinary—offering an altered sense of reality that reaches into a place you might not even recognize, but has been waiting to see what is possible. The more you look, the more you see.


Artwork by Cheryl Gittens-Jones


Cheryl Gittens-Jones

I create art to heal and inspire. My iPhone designs are original, photo manipulated images of the sun and other scenes in nature. I love showing reverence for Mother Nature through my images.


Artwork by Robert Michaels


Robert Michaels

Most of my imagery is so complex that in order to maintain what I consider enormous control over my image renderings (composed in my mind), I work digitally using my photographs instead of by traditional methods of painting to achieve this needed control and also to save time.


Artwork by Suzanne Handel


Suzanne Handel

I have always loved to create and have combined my love of photography with my love of art by creating digital mixed media.


Artwork by Paul Pinzarrone


Paul Pinzarrone

I present a puzzle comprised of many questions for the viewer to ask…. where is this? Is this microscopic? Other-worldly? Science fiction? A mandala? A doily? Is that the Earth in the middle? Is that biological life in the center? Using a high resolution digital format allows me to convince the viewer that this must be a photograph of something he/she has seen before… maybe long ago, maybe in a dream.


Artwork by Jane Dickson


Jane Dickson

‘Cloud Wizard’ is one of many Nature Spirits that have appeared in my mirror image photography. I imagine that these magical beings are waiting to be discovered and unveiled to delight and capture our imagination.


Artwork by Winifred Finch-Potenza


Winifred Finch-Potenza

I am not so interested in taking pictures, although that can happen, but designing, painting, with my photographs and their components on the computer. The possibilities are infinite and that is exciting. I will always be experimenting.


Artwork by Lee Hendrickson


Lee Hendrickson

My photographs of crystals are taken through a microscope and weave together both art and science to reveal a world of complexity and beauty typically hidden from our view.


Artwork by Nupur Nishith


Nupur Nishith

The digitization of the ancient folk art with intricate themes and vibrant colors, inspired me to reach unconventional avenues of digital media and mass prints at global level, from the walls and floors in villages of Mithila, India.


Artwork by Kimber Wallwork-Heineman


Kimber Wallwork-Heineman

Digital art encompasses a whole new world of expression and imagination, creativity on steroids. I feel as though I have followed Alice down the rabbit hole and entered a virtual art store that has every art supply ever imagined at my fingertips. The possibilities become endless, limited only by imagination.



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