Photo Service Helps Build an Amazing Art Portfolio

by Carolyn Edlund

If you are an artist who wants to sell your work, you need to present your portfolio professionally. A helpful service called ProductViz makes in situ photos easier than ever.


Moon Painting in situ by Product Viz. Read about their service at


Recently, I came across a very helpful service that can help artists give an incredible portfolio presentation by showing art in situ without the hassle. What grabbed my attention was the striking results they produce, and the versatility they offer. I spoke with ProductViz founder Jacob Smith about this service, which could become your go-to resource the next time you are updating your website or need marketing photos to promote your art online.


Artwork shown in situ by Product Viz. Read about their service at


AS:  Tell us about ProductViz, and what you provide for artists.

JS:  I worked in the fine arts as a designer for the last ten years. Most artists my firm worked with had terrible portfolios. Most had a pieced together collection of their work — no continuity, different kinds of images, unprofessional.

My job was to fix those portfolios, making them look sharp. Artists always had this problem, and I mean across the board. From the largest to the smallest, everyone didn’t like how their portfolio looked, usually for good reason. Rarely did I encounter quality portfolios

After taking subpar portfolios and making them shine, I developed techniques that got the job done quickly and well. In 2014, I started doing client work on the side, in addition to my 9 – 5 job. The demand for work was so high that in 2016, I started ProductViz.

ProductViz provides quality portfolio-caliber pictures of artwork. We show artists work in an interior setting. These settings range from Parisian apartments to photo studios and everything in between.


Artwork shown in situ by Product Viz. Read about their service at


AS:  What is unusual about your service and the technology you use?

JS:  At the start, I started the same way that most people do. I used a combination of stock photography, photoshop, and lightroom to create “in situ” photos. This method is straightforward and can be done with a little skill. If you are a DIYer, give it a shot.

Over the years, I moved farther from this approach and toward my own method. My illustration partner Mike and I do a lot of illustrating, but we also have modified drafting software to help our speed. My brother is a computer scientist, so he has been our tech hero (Thanks, Jeff!!).

Still, for all of ProductViz’s work, we are about experience and not technology. I’ve developed a sense of how artwork looks in different interiors and have a process for working. Plus, my full-time job is now ProductViz, so I have time to illustrate (which I love).


Artwork shown in situ by Product Viz. Read about their service at


AS:  How much do you charge for your services? Why is the cost justifiable?

JS:  Photos range from $20 to $150 per image. This range depends on the size of the pictures, quality of the finished work, and the total number of pictures ordered.

The price is comparable to a professional photographing your artwork. Unlike a photographer, however, with ProductViz you don’t have the logistics of moving your work, booking the photographer, and transporting your work to a location, etc.

Usually, you have to pay a photographer for a full day of work, as most professionals wouldn’t spend their time on just one piece of art.

With ProductViz, you can go with one image, see if people respond to it, then take it from there. In other words, the investment is a lot lower and way easier to get moving.


Artwork shown in situ by Product Viz. Read about their service at


AS:  What are the first steps for an artist interested in having in situ photos taken?

JS:  The process is simple. Just email me. I’m [email protected]. If you are interested in seeing what the illustrations look like, go to our website where we have a bunch of examples of cool clients who we have worked with.

Lead time for most images is  about one week, depending on complexity and our workload.



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