Featured Artist Bill Sotomayor

Artist Bill Sotomayor’s precise mixed media drawings are an explosion of line and color that lends a three-dimensional effect to his artwork. See more by visiting his website.


“Flowers in a Frame” 3D Mixed Media Mechanical Drawing by Bill Sotomayor

“Flowers in a Frame” Mixed Media, 14” x 17”


I am fascinated by how things work and have a keen interest in how objects are designed. For me, the abstract world of objects and shapes seem out of place; however, they merge together with precise action.


“Escaping the Cage” three-dimensional mechanical drawing by Bill Sotomayor

“Escaping the Cage” Mixed Media, 12” x 18”


This visual interpretation of my surroundings led me to study commercial art and fine art along with industrial design at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver and the University of Colorado in Boulder. The combined study of these disciplines seemed a perfect match.


Colorful mixed media 3D drawing titled "Tailspin” by artist Bill Sotomayor

“Tailspin” Mixed Media, 18” x 24”


Geometric shapes intrigue me, particularly the way they can be morphed and combined into any shape I choose. Industrial design taught me the discipline of mechanical drawing, which, at the beginning, did not resonate with me. However, it would change everything about the way I approach my art.


Geometric 3D mechanical drawing by artist Bill Sotomayor

“Reflections of a Crying Face in a Broken Mirror” Mixed Media, 18” x 24”


When I created fine art images, I was familiar only with it as a two-dimensional plane. I felt frustrated by the lack of depth or three-dimensional effects. Everything appeared flat, whether it was photography, drawing or painting.


Colorful three-dimensional geometric drawing by artist Bill Sotomayor

“Birdie” Drawing, 14” x 17”


I wanted to create the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface. Hence, mechanical drawing became the key to the inception of my art style that I call Geo-Mechanical Abstract Art. It is a playful and energetic combination of geometric shapes influenced by mechanical drawing.


Contemporary 3D abstract drawing of a bird by artist Bill Sotomayor

“Temecula” Drawing, 14” x 17”


This results in an abstract presentation bearing the three-dimensional qualities that I sought. This is how I visualize the world as I create my art.


Abstract desert landscape as a geometric drawing by Bill Sotomayor

“Desertscape” Mixed Media, 14” x 17”


Utilizing a white background, rather than black, as the negative space, allows individual colors to unite as a whole yet keep their individuality. It creates an explosion of movement—a feast for the eyes to experience.


Geometric abstract portrait drawing by Bill Sotomayor

“Glances” Mixed Media, 12” x 18”


Art is given its own language by the artist. I invite the viewer to be drawn into my artwork, to engage with each component and to follow the flow of the elements as they interact with each other.  An intense, yet intimate display of precision thereby unfolds.


Mixed media 3D mechanical drawing of a seascape by artist Bill Sotomayor

“The Wave” Mixed Media, 18” x 24”


As our culture embraces more fully all aspects of technology, Geo-Mechanical Abstract Art bridges the gap between art and its technical narrative.


Photograph of Artist Bill Sotomayor

Artist Bill Sotomayor


Art is about building relationships, a span between this technical world of ours and the inquisitive nature of the viewer. The abstract presentation of my art lends itself to a variety of settings, whether in a home, office or in a retail environment for the viewer’s enjoyment.


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