Featured Artist Ushana

Artist Ushana creates nature-inspired mixed media paintings with dancing line and color that create energy. See more of her art by visiting her website.


Abstract painting titled “Song of the Rainforest” Oil on Canvas by Ushana Mara

“Song of the Rainforest” Oil on Canvas, 26” x 36”


Since childhood, I have seen myself as a type of forest dweller, fully engaged in examining the undulating forms and colors of nature’s art. “Song of the Rainforest” is about sharing the excitement of discovering nature.


Nature-inspired abstract painting in Oil on Canvas by Ushana Mara

“Joyful Resilience” Oil on Canvas, 26” x 36”


Life has taught me that mustering up resilience during hard times is vital to overcoming challenges. Painting helps me rise back up into new levels of joy and aliveness. Dancing lines and rainbow hues tell of fresh possibilities.


Soft abstract painting in pastel colors titled “Cathedral Path” Oil on Canvas by Ushana Mara

“Cathedral Path” Oil on Canvas, 26” x 36”


I aim to make visible what the eyes cannot see. A spiritual approach to life and allowing my imagination free flow helps me do that.


Colorful music-inspired abstract oil painting by Ushana Mara

“Music of the Night” Oil on Canvas, 28” x 36”


I enjoy being in nature with both the inner and outer senses on alert. In stillness, there are sounds everywhere.


“Magical Forest” abstracted landscape oil painting by Ushana Mara

“Magical Forest” Oil on Canvas, 26” x 36”


As a teenager, I started my own “art gallery” by sticking postcards of paintings from artists around the world on my bedroom walls. Kandinsky and Paul Klee were favorites because of their playfulness.


Mixed media colorful abstract art with folded fan shape by Ushana Mara

“Bridge between Heaven and Earth” Mixed Media, 48” x 36”


I choose from a wide selection of building materials to create a three-dimensional experience. To do this, I may sew a folded fan onto a canvas after first completing the canvas painting in oils.


Undulating artwork in soft colors titled“Waters, Waves, Winds” Mixed Media by artist Ushana Mara

“Waters, Waves, Winds” Mixed Media, 52” x 33”


Many layers of transparent paint create a sense of luminosity and motion. Hand-designed paper cut-outs build up the volume.


Mixed media abstract art by Ushana Mara titled “Regeneration”

“Regeneration” Mixed Media, 36” x 36”


I search for the essence or life force in whatever I encounter. In our world, there are miraculous appearances. I like to tell stories about the lively activity going on in the many layers underneath any surface. It is simply a peek into a tiny fragment of what happens on our planet and beyond.


“Woven Land III” Mixed Media artwork as a grid of colorful landscapes by Ushana Mara

“Woven Land III” Mixed Media, 36” x 36”


The concept of this work is based on the idea of what it might be like to see a landscape simultaneously at different times and different seasons. I wove strips of painted paper into snapshots of a landscape in transition.


Triptych of abstract art, large oil painting titled "Cosmic Breath" by Ushana Mara

“Cosmic Breath” Oil on Canvas (Triptych), 60” x 40”


“Cosmic Breath” is symbolic of the vast inner expanse we as curious humans have the potential to experience. It makes me believe in a dancing universe, where vibrant colors and multi-dimensional movements give us energy, strength and a present feeling of the exuberance for life.


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