Featured Artists Alex Benjamin and Lisa Cavanagh

Alex Benjamin and Lisa Cavanagh collaborate on multi-layered urban photography that adds a dynamic edge and story to each work. Visit their website to see more.


New York City Brooklyn Bridge Skyline Composite - Photographic Print by Alex Benjamin

“Brooklyn Bridge Skyline Composite – Photographic Print, Various Sizes


I’m Alex Benjamin, half of the You Are Here Studios team. For six years my business partner, Lisa Cavanagh, and I have been creating uniquely original photography of New York City.


"City Lights" Multi-layered photo print of New York City by Alex Benjamin

“City Lights” Photographic Print, Various Sizes


We shoot, design and print all work by hand from our studio in Astoria, Queens. We are now expanding to cities across the United States. I shoot, edit and design the majority of the work and Lisa prints, packages and manages the many studio logistics.


"Wonder Wheel" abstract photo of New York City ferris wheel

“Wonder Wheel” Photographic Print, Various Sizes


All the work is original photography and begins with my non-manipulated images. My past studies are in fine art photography. While out shooting, I focus primarily on composition.


New York Subway Platform Photographic collage by Alex Benjamin

“Subway Platform” Photographic Print, Various Sizes


I find that photography carries with it an innate immediacy, a presumed stopping of time in the now. There is also an assumption about the importance of subject matter depending on if it is in the foreground or background.


New York City Skaters abstract layered Photograph

“Blue Skaters” Photographic Print, Various Sizes


I like to break the linear story of photography by creating multiple layers of “surface” within each image.


Photographic of New York City Brooklyn Bridge with Antiqued look by Alex Benjamin

“Brooklyn Antique” Photographic Print, Various Sizes


I achieve this through composition, color, texture, references to visual culture, and beauty. I never use added elements for their own sake. Every design element in our photography has a meaning and a purpose to drive the viewer toward a more expanded reading of the photo.


Abstract NYC photograph titled "Bryant Park Chairs" by Alex Benjamin

“Bryant Park Chairs” Photographic Print, Various Sizes


Each of the unique design elements within my images are like words forming a sentence to tell a larger story about the work.


"Broadway" New York City altered photograph by Alex Benjamin

“Broadway” Photographic Print, Various Sizes


My hope is that this expanded view resonates with viewers so that ultimately their own emotional responses can become another subject in the work.


New York City Christmas Tree in Bryant Park altered photo by Alex Benjamin

“Bryant Park Tree” Photographic Print, Various Sizes


I shoot digitally and work on the final images in my studio. Each finished piece typically goes through at least 60-90 iterations to come to fruition. Once completed, Lisa prints it in multiple sizes using professional, archival, photographic paper and inks.


"The Kiss" New York City Scene composite photo by Alex Benjamin

“The Kiss” Photographic Print, Various Sizes


We sell our prints through different channels, including wholesale and online. However, our favorite way to connect with customers, collectors and art appreciators is through live, in-person markets and fairs.


Artists Lisa Cavanagh (on left) and Alex Benjamin

Artists Lisa Cavanagh (on left) and Alex Benjamin


We love to meet everyone, talk about the work and find a connection point with them in the moment.


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  1. I love these pictures, amazing and atmospheric! I’ll follow her on Facebook.

  2. I really love the combination of photography. traditional and digital art – all mixed in a single image. They look unique and totally different from what we commonly see.

    I totally agree with you saying Digital art can add another dimension to your painting and photographs. It is relatively easy to learn and all you need is a simple drawing device and a computer, which you already have with you.

  3. Great work, I love how you work together to create truly original art.

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