Featured Artist Kait Matthews

Artist Kait Matthews creates digital paintings that reveal the soul of her subjects through their eyes. See more of her art by visiting her website.


Digital portrait of a Native American woman by Kait Matthews

“What Now?” Digital Painting, Various Sizes


When you look into the eyes of another, what do you see? What do you feel? These are the questions I hope the viewer might consider when looking at my work.


Digital Portrait of a young woman by artist Kait Matthews

“Destruction” Digital Painting, Various Sizes


“The eyes are the window to the soul” has been quoted in various forms across nations since ancient Roman times. I try to capture an essence of the soul in all of my portrait paintings.


Digital painting of a young woman with flower and bird by Kait Matthews

“Flower” Digital Painting, Various Sizes


We are all connected, regardless of our background, race and culture. My paintings are inspired by my Ojibway/Potawatomi indigenous background. The earth is our Mother and she is personified in this series of paintings.


"Protect Our Mother" Digital Painting of mother earth

“Protect Our Mother” Digital Painting, Various Sizes


The natural forces of earth, sea and sky remind me of the significance and importance of our environment. I try to mirror the soul of Mother Earth and her various circumstances and challenges in this changing world. Her many moods are vast, universal. Can we see her pain? Can we respect her beauty and her life-giving forces?


Digital painting figurative art young woman with heart

“Heart” Digital Painting, Various Sizes


While I have previously focused on oil painting as my main medium, I am currently enjoying, experimenting and exploring the digital painting realm. What fun it is to learn new ways to express the creative self! Another bonus? Not having to clean my brushes!


Portrait of a young woman, digital painting by Kait Matthews

“Looking Back” Digital Painting, Various Sizes


I also find it gratifying that digital art can reach a vast majority of people on various social media platforms. I like the ability to be able to print a quality image on canvas for an interested buyer.


Digital Painting of a young woman and crescent moon by Kait Matthews

“Moon” Digital Painting, Various Sizes


I enjoy working as an illustrator as well, which is another avenue to share my art with others. It is my wish that my art be seen and appreciated by all. The creative soul in everyone needs to be awakened, inspired and nurtured.


"Peace" Digital portrait of a woman and collage by Kait Matthews

“Peace” Digital Painting, Various Sizes


If my art can offer a connection, a mirror in which the viewer can see a little of themselves and this world reflecting back, I feel I have accomplished what I set out to do.


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