Featured Artist Mark D. Bird

Artist Mark Bird’s masterful watercolor paintings capture the light in landscapes and urban scenes from his extensive travels. Enjoy his portfolio and visit his website to see more.


“Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England" Exterior view of Salisbury Cathedral, Watercolor by Mark Bird

“Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England (Exterior)” Watercolor, 24” x 34”


For over forty years, I have enjoyed an outstanding career as a professional architectural illustrator and designer, which allowed me, in 2017, to begin the next chapter of my life as a fine artist.


“Salisbury Cathedral Nave as Viewed Toward West Front" Interior view of Salisbury Cathedral's nave, watercolor by Mark Bird

“Salisbury Cathedral Nave as Viewed Toward West Front (Interior)” Watercolor, 13.5” x 27”


I have always enjoyed illustrating architecture as subject matter, especially historic architecture. Now, I am able to apply some of the skills from my former career to my current path.


“Via Dei Montanini, Siena, Italy” View of an Italian street, watercolor by Mark Bird

“Via Dei Montanini, Siena, Italy” Watercolor, 11” x 20.5”


I had always “reserved” the medium of pure watercolor for “my next career” and therefore never utilized it as an illustrator, wanting to keep it pure for my personal use in the future. Well, the future is here and I am making every moment count!


“Via Rosina, Florence, Italy” Italian street market, watercolor by Mark Bird

“Via Rosina, Florence, Italy” Watercolor, 14.5” x 29”


I am at a point in my life where travel is a high priority and I look forward to painting the subjects I visit.


“Sunrise in Montepulciano, Italy” Painting of the sunrise in Italy, watercolor by Mark Bird

“Sunrise in Montepulciano, Italy” Watercolor, 18.75” x 28.75”


I enjoy viewing subjects in dramatic light, either early or late in the day. I become familiar with a scene in order to take some liberties as an artist, thereby interpreting what I see before me with my own emotions and sensitivity.


“Cadgwith, Cornwall, England” English landscape with cottages, watercolor by Mark Bird

“Cadgwith, Cornwall, England” Watercolor, 21” x 14”


Like most watercolorists, I begin with a preliminary sketch, and sometimes a value study. The primary washes are applied next working from background to foreground. Secondary, defining washes then appear, with the final details bringing a painting to completion.


“Cadgwith Cove, Cornwall, England” English beach town, watercolor by Mark Bird

“Cadgwith Cove, Cornwall, England” Watercolor, 17.5” x 26.5”


These stages are pretty routine, except for the occasional happy accident, which in some cases sends the composition onto a new, often glorious path!


“Mousehole, Cornwall, England” English seascape with boats and village, watercolor by Mark Bird

“Mousehole, Cornwall, England” Watercolor, 8.75” x 14”


Usually, I have the sense of “seeing” a painting complete before I lay down the first brushstroke. After the vision, the actual work of the painting is just putting on paper what my mind has already seen.


“Grazing Sheep, Gloucestershire, England” English landscape with grazing sheep in the foreground, watercolor by Mark Bird

“Grazing Sheep, Gloucestershire, England” Watercolor, 26” x 20”


I am a member of the Kentucky Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society. I attained Signature Membership with the National Watercolor Society in 2018. My work has been accepted in the Kentucky Watercolor Society’s 41st Annual national Exhibition, Aqueous USA, and was included in the National Watercolor Society’s 98th Annual International Open Exhibition.


“Dawn at Lago San Pablo, Ecuador” Painting of an Ecuadorean lake at dawn, watercolor by Mark Bird

“Dawn at Lago San Pablo, Ecuador” Watercolor, 26.5” x 20.5”


My work has also been accepted into the American Watercolor Society’s 152nd Annual International Exhibition.


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