Featured Artist Jeanette Jarville

Painter Jeanette Jarville uses bold line and color to create abstract and representational figurative paintings. View more of her artwork by visiting her website.


"3 Graces" Acrylic abstract figurative painting of three nude women by Jeanette Jarville

“3 Graces” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 36″


The majority of my work comes from my mind’s eye. Whether I am creating abstract or representational art, my work evolves from an inner place. I don’t have a predetermined outcome. The work takes me on a journey.


"Me Too" Oil abstract painting of two women in an intimate embrace by Jeanette Jarville

“Me Too” Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 40″


I consider myself mainly an intuitive figurative painter, but I also enjoy painting abstracts and semi-abstract landscapes. I admire both the old masters and modern works and have developed a style that combines classical techniques with contemporary elements that resonate with me.


"Spellbound" Abstract oil painting of a woman with a mask, frog and bird by Jeanette Jarville

“Spellbound” Oil on Canvas, 24″ x 30″


I start with bold, fluid lines, often with a quick gesture charcoal drawing. Then I layer transparent, vibrant colours—balancing thin to thick paint—and finish with jewel tone glazes.


"Delivery Day" Oil painting of movers carrying an abstract painting by Jeanette Jarville

“Delivery Day” Oil on Canvas, 40″ x 30″


For me, the creative process is an expressive energy; a playful, mindful, exploration and discovery.


"Reading Between the Lines" Figurative abstract acrylic painting by Jeanette Jarville

“Reading Between the Lines” Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas, 24″ x 36″


Figures in my work represent intimacy, love, intrigue and ambiguity. I enjoy weaving in stories that the viewer can relate to or expand upon. The titles I give my pieces are an important part of that.


"Strumming My Heart" Abstract acrylic painting of a figure playing a guitar by Jeanette Jarville

“Strumming My Heart” Acrylic on Canvas, 16″ x 20″


I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I began selling my oil paintings at the age of eleven. I was awarded an art scholarship in high school and attended the renowned Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia.


"Pillow Talk" Abstract acrylic figurative painting by Jeanette Jarville

“Pillow Talk” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 36″


I received four more scholarships for the work I was producing there and received my BFA in 1996. I also studied at The Weissensee Fine Art Academy in Berlin, Germany, focusing on classical oil painting, sculpting and installation art. To be able to study directly from old masters works in the museums throughout Europe was an amazing experience.


"Self Portrait" Self portrait oil painting of the artist wearing a jester hat and mask by Jeanette Jarville

“Self Portrait” Oil on Panel, 9″ x 12″


I have exhibited in solo, group and invitational exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Europe and China. I have had the pleasure of having work featured in The McBride Museum, The Venice Biennale, and published in articles and magazines.


"Helping Hand" Oil painting of a small bird held gently in a woman's hands by Jeanette Jarville

“Helping Hand” Oil on Panel, 7″ x 8″


I have been awarded nine public art commissions, The Mayors Award for Artistic Innovation, and placed third in the Masters Category in The Grand Prix Plein Air 2018 competition.


Artist Jeanette Jarville in her studio at work on one of her abstract figurative paintings

Artist Jeanette Jarville in her studio


I now live and work from my studio in Crescent Beach, British Columbia, a small community on the West Coast, minutes from the Washington, United States border.


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