Featured Artist Gretchen Serrano

Artist Gretchen KISH Serrano creates abstract pet portraits using a dynamic and memorable drip painting technique. See more of her delightful work by visiting her website.


“Corgi” Drip paint portrait of a corgi by artist Gretchen Serrano

“Corgi” (artist’s very first drip art inspired by Jackson Pollock) Household Paint, 30” x 40”


A passion for art, color and my dog Sophie led me on a ten-year journey of artistic exploration.


“Black Labrador” (Original 7) Drip paint portrait of a Black Labrador Retriever by Gretchen Serrano

“Black Labrador” (Original 7) Household Paint, 30” x 40”


I followed inspirations from a variety of artists including Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Klimt, to name a few. The result of these studies was the creation of Paw Palettes—a pet art collection for all pet lovers—shared through art prints, note cards, mugs, totes and tees.


“Pug” (Original 7) Drip portrait of a Pug by Gretchen Serrano

“Pug” (Original 7) Household Paint, 36” x 36”


This artistic exploration further evolved into the development of my current DRIP series, inspired by Jackson Pollock.


“Poodle” Drip paint portrait of a white poodle by Gretchen Serrano

“Poodle” (Original 7) Household Paint, 48” x 48”


I saved Pollock for last as this style seemed the most challenging. I never could have predicted how much I would truly enjoy painting in this fluid and often unpredictable style.


“Dachshund” Drip paint portrait of a brown dachshund by Gretchen Serrano

“Dachshund” (Original 7) Household Paint, 48” x 48”


The original seven works in my DRIP series, were created as an exploration of color palettes along with seven unique dog breeds displaying a variety of coat colors and textures.


“Boston Terrier” Drip paint portrait of a Boston Terrier along with details of eye and background by Gretchen Serrano

“Boston Terrier” (Original 7, shown with detail of eye and background) Household Paint, 36” x 48”


Of all art styles sampled, I have found my DRIP art one of the most captivating. Art and pet lovers alike are amazed when viewing these sizable works.


“Schnauzer” Drip paint portrait of a Schnauzer along with details of the nose and background by Gretchen Serrano

“Schnauzer” (Original 7, shown with detail of nose and background) Household Paint, 36” x 48”


They marvel at the fact there are no brushstrokes and often ask to feel the texture of the paint. I explain how I use the ends of old paintbrushes, skewers and even chop sticks to drip and trail house paint across the canvas.


“Peyto” Oil portrait of a brown and white dog in the style of Van Gogh by Gretchen Serrano

“Peyto” (Inspired by Van Gogh) Oil, 5” x 10”


These paintings have an energy about them I find perfect for capturing the exuberance of my subject. The large size represents our big love for pets and allows me the freedom for paint to flow. My joy in creating can be seen, and felt, in these expressive works. I’m always smiling as my subject comes to life before me.


“Greyhound Kiss” Oil and gold leaf portrait of two greyhounds nuzzling each other in the style of Klimt by Gretchen Serrano

“Greyhound Kiss” (Inspired by Klimt) Oil and 23 kt Gold Leaf, 8” x 10”


The abstract nature of my DRIP art offers collectors a unique work combining their love for art and a particular breed. I also enjoy working directly with clients to create custom artwork. I love hearing about their pets and the fun things they do! We discuss art styles and colors.


Artist Gretchen Serrano (KISH) with the dog Neptune and his drip paint portrait

Artist Gretchen Serrano (KISH) with Neptune and his portrait


In addition to my DRIP series, I offer BRUSH (inspired by Van Gogh) and GILD (inspired by Gustav Klimt). I ask my clients to write a few words to, or about, their pet. I paint the personal message on the back of the canvas to forever remain with the art. This meaningful artwork is a joyful presence in their home for years to come.


Artist Gretchen Serrano invites you to follow her on Instagram, Facebook and her PawPalettes website.


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  1. Talk about finding your niche . . . with a twist! I admire how well KISH pulls it all together with her pet ‘pawtraits’ and at the same time, gets a little help from her friends (Picasso, Klimt, Pollock, etc) BRAVA!

    • Hello Patti, thank you for your comment, I truly feel so fortunate to love what I do. It’s especially rewarding when pet lovers enjoy my art. Win WIN! Have an amazing day!

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