Become an Art Collector

Guest writer, color expert and artist Amy Wax shares compelling reasons to become an art collector.


Encaustic Art by Heather Davis shown in a dining room

Art, like this pair of encaustic paintings by Heather Davis, can relate to remembered places.


There are many reasons for bringing art into your life. Some of them very personal, and others are reasons that are purely aesthetic. Every person approaches the process of buying artwork from a different perspective. Here are several reasons why bringing fine art into your life might be the right decision for you!

The Emotional Connection

Many people approach the process with their heart. We have all looked through artwork, but there is something special that happens when you find a particular piece of art and fall in love with it. There can be an emotional pull to a work of art that is unlike anything else. You can feel that draw to the piece if you relate to the subject matter, or an event that the theme is about. You might be the same age, gender or have the same background of the person in a piece of art. Or, it might remind you of a place that you use to live. There are many ways of feeling connected to the artwork you are drawn to. What is consistent is that you feel an emotional connection with the artwork that caught your eye.

A second reason for being drawn to a piece of artwork is that it might bring you to a place you would like to experience. A painting or photograph might show a quiet place in the country or a soothing scene at the beach. It might be a place you can relate to in a personal way, whether you would like to be there or have fond memories of enjoying a similar environment in your past.


Painting by Kristen Jongen

Artwork by Kristen Jongen provides a pop of color in a neutral interior.


Collectors as Creatives

Another reason for wanting to bring artwork into your home is that you appreciate the skill or style of the artist. You may appreciate a creative personal style, whether it is tightly rendered or loosely painted. Their talent can be savored when you bring a piece of their artwork into your home. Many people will find a style of art, Impressionist, Hudson River School or Abstract for example and simply love it for what it is.

If you are creative person or simply appreciate the skill of an artist, you might fall in love with the work of an artist and follow them, or simply appreciate owning an original piece of art. In a whole different class than prints or posters, original art holds a tactile quality and value that the artist created it with their own hands. I have always enjoyed the value of an original drawing or painting. It is as if you have brought a bit of that artist into your home!

Quality of Life

Finally, as simple as it sounds, you might find the colors of the art itself brings you joy. They might compliment those of your home, or be the accent colors you want to complete your design. The overall color palette might be soothing blue grays that will work beautifully with a coastal palette. It could be brilliant oranges or reds that will bring focus and excitement to any room. Every work of art has a color palette. It might play a part of why you are attracted to it or not, but it certainly can be one aspect as to why you can be drawn to an artwork without even realizing it!

Whether you feel that a piece of art tells a story that you feel a part of, are drawn to because it is the work of a particular artist, or simply love the colors, buying art is often a very personal process. What can be the most rewarding part of the experience is that it is personal, and can bring you visual and emotional satisfaction. Open your eyes to exploring the world of fine art. It is an investment in your quality of life. Art will tug at your heartstrings from the day the new piece becomes a part of your life!


Amy WaxAmy Wax is an artist, color expert and founder of  the Color911 app. Originally an illustrator, she enjoys pencil and pastel as her mediums. She spends many hours enjoying the work of others in galleries of all kinds. As a color and design professional, she enjoys seeing how people can improve their lives by surrounding themselves with design and creativity.


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