Featured Artist Judy Jordan

Artist Judy Jordan presents a collection of captivating figurative sculpture made with mixed media, mosaic and found objects. Visit her website to see more of her art.


Mixed media and mosaic sculpture of a dress form by Judy Jordan

“Another Dress Form Tantrum” Mosaic, Wood and Mixed Media, 10” x 30” x 8”


I have been a passionate maker of things throughout my life. After graduating from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C., my varied work history included working as an Exhibit Specialist at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the National Portrait Gallery and as a visiting artist at the Providence Center in Maryland. I also did store display work and some years of designing and selling my own line of jewelry.


Mixed media sculpture of a dress called Maggie by Judy Jordan

“No One Really Knew Maggie” Mixed Media, 20” x 48” x 3”


In my most recent work, I have been involved in portraying aspects of the human figure.


3D mixed media shadowbox featuring Marsha's Object Gallery by Judy Jordan

“Marsha’s Object Gallery” 3D Mixed Media, 11” x 14”


This visual inquiry has spanned both two and three-dimensional work through drawing, assemblage and also sculpture involving mosaic work. Working with a wide variety of materials and media over the years has benefited me by giving me the skills to help carry out my ideas.


Mosaic figurative sculpture of Lavinia by Judy Jordan

“Lavinia” Mosaic, 15” x 24” x 7”


I try to go beyond the overall sense of the physical characteristics that you might first notice in the first impression of any individual.


Mixed media figurative sculpture named Belle by Judy Jordan

“Belle Lived by the Bartenders Code—Best Stirred, Not Shaken” Mosaic and Mixed Media, 4” x 17” x 4”


I do this in various ways. I often include some assemblage of items that pertain to a figure, some oddity of dress or hairstyle or a kind of abstracted background wallpaper with visual symbols and cues.


Mixed media figurative sculpture about Audrey's dress armor by Judy Jordan

“Audrey’s Dress Armor” Metal and Mixed Media, 16” x 67” x 12”


Some pieces have a somewhat abstract presentation. I find it much more interesting to give the viewer some additions and subtractions to engage with visually.


Shadowbox with mixed media objects on canvas about a museum by Judy Jordan

“The Museum is Closed on Monday” Mixed Media on Canvas, 24” x 12”


My work has a certain affinity with book or magazine layout which includes the figure along with pertinent visual information that pertains to the figure.


Mixed media figurative sculpture called Savannah by Judy Jordan

“Savannah was Calm Before the Storm” Mosaic and Mixed Media, 5.25” x 22” x 5.25”


Whether intentional or not, the small objects and accoutrements associated with a person tell a story that is a history or even a mystery of that person. I tend to convey this idea in my work.


Mixed media on canvas with 3d objects called Paul's Inclinations by Judy Jordan

“Paul’s Inclinations” Mixed Media on Canvas, 10” x 20”


The contents of someone’s junk drawer, insignificant items in an antique shop or artifacts in a museum associated with someone in history are always idea fodder for my art portrayals.


Mixed media with 3d objects on canvas called Serafina by Judy Jordan

“Serafina”, Mixed Media, 12” x 24”


I am constantly surprised by how often there is something new to be discovered by being in my studio. A new or different material to be manipulated, a different way of working or perhaps a happy accident may account for a good day.


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