Featured Artist Christopher Marona

Artist Christopher Marona photographs the breathtaking beauty and drama of the American West. See more of his work by visiting his website.


Photograph of a copy roping a horse by Christopher Marona

“First Loop” Photographic Print (Limited Edition), 20” x 24”


I photograph the beauty and dramatic icons of the American West—its wide and diverse landscapes, the people, cowboys, cowgirls and ranch life.


Photograph of ranch hands herding horses by Christopher Marona

“All in a Day’s Work” Photography, Various Sizes


Raised in Arizona, I grew fascinated by the desert’s broad palette of colors—both sublime and bold.


Photograph of a farmer and a team of draft horses mowing hay by Christopher Marona

“Makin’ Hay” Photography, Various Sizes


And then there was the light.

Even as a youngster, I was enchanted by light; how it shimmers off the water, dances through the leaves of a wind rustled tree, softly skims a loved one’s face, yet scrapes across a rough and gritty rock to reveal its texture. And, of course, in Arizona there were the legendary tangerine and coral colored sunsets to be savored.


Photograph of a herd of horses running through the moonlit snow by Christopher Marona

“Moonlight Flight” Photography, Various Sizes


Truth be told, I did not plan to become a photographer. I stumbled upon it, and, having stumbled, I tumbled hard, falling deeply in love with photography.


Photograph of a young cowboy learning how to rope by Christopher Marona

“After School Ropin’” Photography, Various Sizes


Fortunate to have been trained as a commercial photographer by several masters, I later spent countless hours in the studio over the course of decades studying light. I experimented with its color, quality, size, and direction. I changed the light to make it soothing or searing. I shaped and sculpted it to create different moods and emotions. I worked to make the light as important to the photograph as the subject itself.


Photograph of three cowboys on horseback by Christopher Marona

“Riders on the Edge of Night” Photographic Print (Limited Edition), 29” x 19”


So, why cowboys? Our Western heritage is inextricably woven into the very soul of America. It conjures a sense of freedom by being in majestic places beneath a sprawling canopy of blue sky. It represents a simpler way of life. Simple—not easy. Authentic. Genuine. True. Back to basics, respect for others, the land and animals. This is where one would endure nature’s challenges, in order to enjoy its rewards.


Photograph of a rider and several horses at the water's edge by Christopher Marona

“On the Water’s Edge” Photography, Various Sizes


My photographic method is also simple, though not easy. Incredible locations, expert horsemen and women, beautiful horses and exquisite light. I apply my understanding and experience of working with light into every image. I employ the action, place, natural color, composition and the light to embellish the image. I don’t “super saturate” or “jack” the colors in post production. To do so implies that nature’s beauty is, somehow, not beautiful enough.


Photograph of a cowboy leading several horse across a ridge by Christopher Marona

“Ridge Runners” Photography, Various Sizes


Though unspoken, I believe my subjects demand authenticity. Those that are kind enough to view my art deserve it as well.


Photograph of cowboys sorting horses in a corral by Christopher Marona

“Teamwork” Photography, Various Sizes


I hope to transport viewers to a tranquil aspen grove where the quiet is so deep, all you can hear is the soft gurgle of a mountain stream, to a place to share a horseman’s wonder and awe as he drinks in the vista of a cloud scraping peak, to a split second of fury as stallions battle to dominate the herd.


Photograph of two white stallions fighting by Christopher Marona

“Warriors” Photography, Various Sizes


Above all, I hope to share a bit of the majesty, beauty and the amazing light of the American West.

It’s been said that photography is a reflection of self—a terrifying notion. Yet, if true, I can honestly say that I present images that I value in the hope that others may find some value in that which I present.


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