Featured Artist Jeff Hornung

Artist, woodturner and teacher Jeff Hornung creates stunning turned wood vessels and sculpture. Learn more about his art by visiting his website.


Friday Night Firepit, turned bowl by Jeff Hornung

“Friday Night Fire Pit” Poplar bowl, Carved, Scorched and Airbrushed. 12 3.4” diameter by 3.5” tall


I began my artistic foundation in 1984 by making ceramics. This was a family business and I learned form, function and painting techniques. That business evolved in 1991 and I spent the next twenty-four years as a floral designer.


Wood turned painted maple bowl by Jeff Hornung

“On the Inside” Maple Wood Bowl with Nails, Bronze Paint and Airbrushed Acrylic Interior, 5.75” x 1.75”


Color and design were the main lessons, and my preference for a bold color palette was formed here.


Painted Walnut bowl by Jeff Hornung

Side and Angled Views of “Carried the Load” Cracked Walnut Bowl, Iron Paint with Rust, Iridescent Painted Interior with Electrical Terminals and Copper Wire, 11.5” x 6”


As for the love of wood, I’m not sure where that came from, but I’ve always had an appreciation for well-made furniture and the hand carved details found in stately houses and architecture.


Painted maple bowl by Jeff Hornung

“Morocco Sunset” Maple Bowl, Ink and White Wax, 10.75” x 3”


I didn’t really do much woodwork as a young man, though my first woodworking project, a paperclip holder for my mother, is currently on a shelf in my office. This was made in the mid-1970’s and I really didn’t do anything else with wood after that. Probably a good thing, because it was terrible!


Blue painted Maple wood bowl by Jeff Hornung

“Morocco Blue” Maple Bowl, Ink and White Wax, 8” x 2”


In 2011, I was in a minor car accident and suffered a concussion. For whatever reason, post-concussion syndrome made my life miserable for the next year. I ended up at John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina for a much-needed vacation.


Painted maple bowl by Jeff Hornung

“Southwest Vibe” Maple Bowl, Black Ink and White Wax, 10” x 2”


Woodturning was the class I chose. Somehow that not only began the healing process my brain needed, but also set me on the path to my very own woodturning business.


Square wooden vessel by Jeff Hornung

“Strata” Poplar Bowl, Carved, Drybrushed Acrylic Paint and Liquid Silver Gilding, 7.5” x 1.5”


As I continue to evolve as an artist, I am also teaching others so they can experience the joys of turning. Since that first class, I have become an award-winning juried artist, national and international demonstrator, author, woodturning teacher and artist in residence at Craft Alliance School of Art + Design in St. Louis, Missouri.


Sculptural turned wood blow by Jeff Hornung

“Road to Recovery” Maple Plywood Bowl, Nails, Ipe Base, Copper Reactive Paint and Natural Patina, 12” x 21”


My current signature style combines color and texture with form and function, creating the illusion of fine porcelain or ancient metal work—while still only working with wood.


Artist Jeff Hornung

Artist Jeff Hornung


My residency work is also now allowing me to move in a more sculptural and conceptual manor. I’ve always been a maker and craftsman. Now I’m also an artist.


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