Featured Artist Dorothy Mohler

Artist Dorothy Mohler presents a portfolio of contemporary landscapes and portraits based on her life in the Pacific Northwest. See more of her delightful art by visiting her website.


Contemporary Abstract portrait of a woman in nature called Dahlia by Dorothy Mohler

“Dahlia” Acrylic and India Ink on Wood, 18” x 24”


My passion and ability as an artist came late in life due to a traumatic brain injury twenty-five years ago. Suddenly I was left with an ability to see and draw colors, an ability that was not present prior to the injury. I call this brain injury my “mixed blessing.”


Contemporary abstract painting of Mt. Hood by Dorothy Mohler

“Central Oregon Morning” Acrylic on Wood, 10” x 10”


This mixed blessing keeps me sensitive and deeply inspired by the keen beauty of nature. I see the world around us in many layers and that is just the way I paint—applying many layers of paint, ink and pencil detail. Many layers are transformative for me and eventually bring satisfaction.


Contemporary Abstract landscape of the 3 Sisters in Oregon by Dorothy Mohler

“3 Sisters in Late Summer” Acrylic on Wood, 10” x 10”


My focus on distinct subjects varies, however. There is a constant universal connection, and that is the world around me.


Contemporary abstract painting of a view looking skyward through pine trees by Dorothy Mohler

“Looking Up To The Heavens” Acrylic and India Ink on Wood, 48” x 36”


Being raised at a very young age to get out in the world and look up at the trees and the sky, to really listen to the birds and the frogs, has made me grateful for the opportunity to translate that lesson my parents taught me onto canvas.


Contemporary abstract portrait of a woman and a bird by Dorothy Mohler

“Her Besties Are All Birdies” Acrylic on Wood, 16” x 16”


Whether I am painting a woman in my “Women in Nature” series or birds in my “It’s a Party” series—which features different birds surrounded by party flags—I create colorful paintings inspired by nature. In my work you will always find birds, flowers, trees and other uniquely rendered visions from my day to day life in the Pacific Northwest.


Contemporary Abstract painting of a bird with flags by Dorothy Mohler

“It’s a Party” Acrylic on Wood, 6” x 6”


I am by no means trying to change the world with my art. I am just so thrilled to be alive and painting every day. Hopefully, people will see joy and humor when looking at my work.


Contemporary abstract painting of a chickadee perched in a pine tree by Dorothy Mohler

“Perched” Acrylic and Pencil on Wood, 10” x 10”


When one of my paintings sells, it brings me so much happiness. It confirms that other people see what I see, and that I need to keep doing what I am doing.


Contemporary abstract painting of aspen leaves and berries by Dorothy Mohler

“Summer’s Last Goodbye” Acrylic on Wood, 7” x 5”


For the past five years, I have only painted on wood. I love the connection to wood (trees) and how impermeable it is. Using extra thick birch panels gives a painting a unique look and sturdiness as well as a slightly modern feel when I leave the edges completely raw.


Contemporary abstract landscape of Mt. Jefferson and Lupine flowers in Oregon by Dorothy Mohler

“Mt. Jefferson and Lupine” Acrylic and Pencil on Wood, 10” x 10”


In my current work you will find geometric shapes in the background and in between leaves and pine needles. I love the juxtaposition between the soft and expected aspects of nature and the interesting squares interjected throughout the background.


contemporary abstract portrait of a woman in nature by Dorothy Mohler

“Loyalty” Acrylic and Pencil on Wood, 18” x 18”


Both my original artwork and my reproductions have been featured widely in Bend, Oregon and Sisters, Oregon. Having recently moved to the Oregon coast, I undoubtedly will be inspired artistically by the beauty of the sea.


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