Featured Artist Lenore Diamond Robins

Lenore Diamond Robins presents a dynamic portfolio of three-dimensional abstract art created using a technique she developed. Enjoy her work and visit her website to learn more.


Acrylic and Resin 3D Abstract Art by Lenore Diamond Robins

“Bubbling Over” acrylic and resin on MDF and wood, 30″ x 72″,


I have ended up doing something unexpected with my life! I always enjoyed working with my hands. I made silver and gold jewelry in high school and tried stained glass in college, but I never considered that I would become a professional artist with art in galleries across the country and on a world tour that included Japan, Monaco, Italy, France, England, and Colombia. But that is what happened.


Colorful 3D abstract artwork by Lenore Diamond Robins

“Time Passes” acrylic and resin on wood, 32″ x 32″


In 1981, I completed my education in healthcare administration and relocated from Philadelphia to south Florida to begin my career as a hospital administrator. I met my future husband and worked for several years in a number of different hospitals. Then we moved into a new home which needed art. I began searching for contemporary art but could not find what I wanted. So, I made it myself!


Dimensional 3D abstract artwork up close

“Time Passes” side view, acrylic and resin on wood, 32″ x 32″


I began using fabric on wood frames. Then I made 3D paper shapes mounted on canvas. When I added wood accents to those paper creations, I realized that I had found my medium. Paint just responds differently on wood than on canvas or paper. I was hooked and have never looked back.


3D geometric abstract artwork by Lenore Diamond Robins

“Power of One, Variation #5” acrylic and resin on wood with interchangeable accent tiles, 24″ x 32″


For the past almost 30 years, I have developed a technique using acrylics on wood with a high gloss resin top coating. I hand mix and hand pour it, then use a blow torch to remove the bubbles. Using resin is a very technically challenging process, but when everything works as planned the resulting finish is very, very beautiful. My finished pieces, which do not appear to be made of wood, are unique and distinctly identifiable as being my art.


Colorful 3D acrylic art

“Rainbow Wedges” side view, acrylic and resin on wood, 36″ x 24″


I use 3D accent pieces mounted at different angles or heights to create a strong sense of dimension and movement. I describe my art as geometric abstractions, but I also consider it three-dimensional wall art, or as one viewer proclaimed, “Pop art which really pops!”  To fully appreciate the beauty and vibrancy of my art, the original needs to be seen, not just a photograph.


Geometric 3D abstract acrylic artwork by Lenore Diamond Robins

“Our Town” acrylic and resin on wood, 38″ x 48″


I do most of my own woodworking, although I purchase wood discs and have someone now who laser cuts my puzzle pieces. I build my own panel box frames so that my art is complete without the need of additional framing. I create in several different design styles (Black & White color studies; Geometrics; Puzzles; Fish; Flowers; and Just Having Fun). No matter the style, each piece is created using the same technique.


Artist creating 3D geometric art

Artist Lenore Diamond Robins working in the studio


My late mother-in-law once asked me why I have chosen to do art which is so technically demanding. She suggested I find something easier to create. I had difficulty responding to her because I’m doing what I love, despite the technical challenges.


Colorful geometric 3D artwork

“It’s Time” acrylic and resin on wood, 32″ x 32″


I am so fortunate to be doing what I love. When viewers smile upon seeing my art, that’s the icing on the cake!!


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