Featured Artist Linnea Pergola

Artist Linnea Pergola’s masterful silk paintings are beautifully stylized and filled with vivid color. Visit her website to enjoy more of her work.


Silk painting of a mermaid in the ocean by Linnea Pergola

“I Must Have Been a Mermaid” Silk Painting, 28″ x 36”


I was born and raised in Encino, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. I always felt like a fish out of water there. That is probably why I loved drawing so much as a child—it was my refuge.


Silk painting of a river and tropical birds in the rainforest by Linnea Pergola

“A Day in the Rainforest” Silk Painting, 29” x 59.75”


I spent many years trying to make a living at art. In my thirties, I was signed on by a large art publisher, Martin Lawrence Galleries, as one of their artists.


Silk painting of albatrosses over the ocean by Linnea Pergola

“The Albatross” Silk Painting, 44″ x 24″


It was life changing.


Silk painting of horses swimming in the river by Linnea Pergola

“Swimming in the River” Silk Painting, 36.5″ x 48″


I began my career there painting city scenes in oil. Life happened, and I ended up living in many other cities in the United States, as well as Puerto Rico and France. I now live in Cornwall, New York, which is only one and a half hours from New York City.


Silk painting of a mermaid and the sea by Linnea Pergola

“The Girl and the Sea” Silk Painting, 34″ x 38”


New York City is a constant source of inspiration. I belong to a group of urban sketchers and we meet and sketch at different locations weekly. I don’t feel like a fish out of water on the east coast!


Silk painting featuring a figure in a tree and animals by Linnea Pergola

“Letting Go” Silk Painting, 36″ x 46”


Throughout my art career I worked with other art publishers and eventually discovered silk painting.


Silk painting of woman surrounded by birds dancing in the sky by Linnea Pergola

“Sky Dancer” Silk Painting, 40″ x 42”


It’s a challenging, beautiful and satisfying art medium. I was awarded the title of Master Silk Painter a few years ago from Silk Painters International. My subjects are still cities but I am inspired by poetry, nature and animals more so now.


Silk painting of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, by Linnea Pergola

“San Miguel de Allende, Mexico” Silk Painting, 52″ x 32”


Travel has always been important to me, and I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively. I’ve been to the Amazon eight times and volunteered with Elephant Nature Park in Thailand four times. I hope to go to Japan and take photos and I am looking forward to participating in an art festival in Qatar.


Silk painting of birds, dogs and cats in buildings by Linnea Pergola

“Tweets” Silk Painting, 28″ x 38”


I’m currently involved with VAWAA (Vacation with an Artist). This is a site where people can book a working vacation with me in Cornwall and I’ll teach them how to paint on silk. I also have a line of puzzles with Liberty Puzzles, as well as three-dimensional prints from an art publisher in Germany.


Artist Linnea Pergola at work in her studio

Artist Linnea Pergola at work in her studio


I hope people keep enjoying my art as much as I enjoy making it, because I’ll never stop.


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