Featured Artist Hunter Jay

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painting of a close up of a butterfly by Hunter Jay

“Blueridge Summer” acrylic on linen, 22” x 28”


I credit my artistic outlook largely to the 1940 Disney film “Fantasia”.


painting of a close up of a pumpkin by Hunter Jay

“Enchantment” acrylic on linen, 20” x 30”


My parents knew I loved music and had an inclination for it, so though we were rarely ever taken to the theatre for a movie, they made an exception for this one. It was a major event for me at age six. Little did I suspect how much it would impact the rest of my life.


painting of a tiger lily by Hunter Jay

“What’s Up, Tiger Lily” acrylic on linen, 20” x 20″


My parents didn’t know at the time that I was equally interested in the visual arts because, well, I didn’t know it myself either.


painting of a close up of a lily by Hunter Jay

“The Wild Place” acrylic on linen, 22” x 28”


I was deeply impacted by the music of this film, of course. But the fantastical world presented on the screen through artistic animation touched me just as deeply.


painting of a koi in a pond by Hunter Jay

“Life’s What You Make It” acrylic on linen, 16” x 20”


It was an epiphany, discovering I was more interested in the settings for the characters in the film instead of the characters themselves. I wanted to live in the depths of that mysterious, magical, lush world onscreen, and I wanted to explore it.


painting of a close up of a honeybee on a flower by Hunter Jay

“Simple Things” acrylic on linen, 16” x 20”


And so, to this day, that is what I capture on canvas, or more specifically, linen.


painting of a rock pond by Hunter Jay

“Tranquility” acrylic on linen, 20” x 20”


The mystery, the intrigue, the exotic and ephemeral qualities of my work are what make it identifiable, along with saturated hues. The subject itself varies. I tend to focus on closeup views of plants, flowers and insects. However, the essence of water and its refracted light will seize my imagination as well. And so you will find some coastal paintings, along with waterfalls and ponds.


painting of a Lion Fish by Hunter Jay

“The Wild Life” acrylic on linen, 30” x 20”


Even aquatic life, like jellyfish, lion fish and koi take center stage on occasion.


painting close up of a flower by Hunter Jay

“Heart of the Flower” acrylic on linen, 20” x 30”


Looking back on that childhood experience in the movie theatre, and being taken to another world via the film “Fantasia,” is what continues to fascinate me to this very day. That may be one of the reasons my colors are so intense, vibrant and saturated.


painting of a close up of a flower by Hunter Jay

“Gloriosa” acrylic on linen, 30” x 20”


The enchanted landscapes of Walt Disney are very subtle in my paintings, and may not be immediately noticeable—but that is where my inspiration was born.


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  1. Your parents are two of the most Godly people in my life that influenced me to be a servant of Jesus Christ! Their profound impact on the kingdom of Christ is immeasurable, only eternity will reveal their soul winning efforts!

  2. I absolutely love the foreground/background contrasts in Hunter Jay’s work, especially when he’s able to reduce the background to the perfect bokeh whilst sharpening the foreground details just the right amount. An excellent eye for detail.

  3. Hunter Jay says

    Your kind comments are so appreciated!

  4. Hunter, I love your work! They look like up close photos. I love your bright hues and detailed subjects. Amazing work!

  5. ann marie snyder says

    you have an amazing eye for detail, and present your subjects in a very designed atmosphere.

  6. Your paintings are just beautiful. The colors you use are very vibrant making your paintings come to life. You have a great eye for how you use colors in various ways.

  7. Your work is very beautiful and admirable. I liked the way you have described the natural beauty in the work. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

  8. Thankyou for sharing such great art peices. Much appreciated artwork,

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