Featured Artist Francisco Rodriguez

Artist Francisco Rodriguez creates contemporary figurative paintings that capture moments in time. Visit his website to view more of his portfolio.


painting of an hispanic woman wiht a mantilla by Francisco Rodriguez

“Heritage” oil, 30” x 40”


I am a painter working in the medium of oil, using a representational technique.


painting of a windmill in the Southwest by Francisco Rodriguez

“Looking Up” oil, 48” x 36”


Originally from Sonora, I grew up in a large traditional family with the comforts of modern life. In contrast, I spent a great part of my upbringing on our family cattle ranch. From an early age, I knew my calling was art and began studying painting and design.


painting of a working cowboy by Francisco Rodriguez

“Horns” oil, 14” x 11”


When I was fifteen, my earliest paintings sold in a prominent gallery and I was hooked.


painting of a calvary reenactment by Francisco Rodriguez

“Sons and Brothers” oil, 16” x 20”


After receiving my degree in art from the University of Arizona, I pursued a career as an illustrator and graphic designer. I worked as freelance talent for corporations, advertising agencies, design studios, magazines and book publishers. The set of skills that I acquired working as a commercial artist were crucial in my development as a painter.


painting of a woman on horseback in the Southwest by Francisco Rodriguez

“Higher Ground” oil, 48” x 36”


A desire for creative freedom fueled my transition to fine art. Since then, I have devoted my attention to my passion for painting.


painting of a cowgirl with braids by Francisco Rodriguez

“Braids” oil, 36″ x 48″


As a natural reaction to the limits imposed by years of creating commissioned work, I chose to experiment with different approaches to painting. My first efforts were loose abstract canvases. I gradually moved towards a more realistic representational style that suited my perception and intention.


painting of an hispanic woman with braids by Francisco Rodriguez

“Poblana” oil, 9” x 12”


My goal is to create contemporary artwork with a fresh outlook, while incorporating the classical ideal of beauty.


painting of a woman with a floral wreath in her hair by Francisco Rodriguez

“Crown of Flowers” oil, 12” x 14”


My paintings are constructed of several layers, including an underpainting and top layers with delicate glazes. I enjoy rendering the different elements efficiently, aiming to use the right hue, value and chroma in every stroke.


painting of Regina by Francisco Rodriguez

“Regina” oil, 48” x 60”


I strive to paint subject matter that I understand. I find joy, peace and balance in the creative process.


Artist Francisco Rodriguez in his studio

Artist Francisco Rodriguez in his studio


The inspiration for my recent Western Art series, previous Sacred Art series and other themes, are found in my own life experiences. I hope my artwork reflects the beauty that is in everyday life and inspires others.


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  1. I enjoyed looking at your portraits and paintings. I also graduated from the University of Arizona. Majoring in graphic art and illustration. I did not like graphics that much. Now I am retired and strictly paint. I am glad you like to paint.
    Ann Marie

  2. SHERRY Stoneback says

    is the painting “Agape” yours? we bought it a few years ago, and love it. It depicts a Spanish madina and child in front of an Adobe wall with a window.

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