Featured Artist Kathy Karas

Australian artist Kathy Karas shares a collection of contemporary paintings inspired by the beautiful and varied landscape of her home country. To see more, please visit her website.


painting of Australian sunrise at Kiama by Kathy Karas

“Kiama Sunrise” acrylic, 60cm x 50cm


I have lived my whole life on the east coast of Australia and have a deep connection to this beautiful place with its rainforest, mountains and Pacific Ocean views.


abstract painting of trees by Kathy Karas

“Symphony” oil, 150cm x 90cm


I have, within easy reach, many places that inspire me to paint. Most days I can be found in my studio, painting from photos taken while on walks through national parks or by the seaside. Or, I can be found painting en plein air with some of my painting buddies.


painting of the Australian coast by Kathy Karas

“Morning Light” acrylic, 76cm x 76cm


Painting has always been my passion. As a child I was always dreaming of creating. Throughout my life, no matter what, my art has always been my focus. I am at my happiest with a brush in my hand.


abstract painting of trees by Kathy Karas

“Earth Song” acrylic, 79cm x 79cm


I’m often asked about my favourite painting medium. I simply say that I just love art and I love whatever medium I am painting in at the time, whether it is watercolour, acrylics, oils or pen.


painting of an Australian bay by Kathy Karas

“The Bay” oil, 130cm x 76cm


Recently, I have been using oils more. I found a brand that I really like to work in that dries quickly and that I’m not allergic to. I have to say that oils are quite delightful, and I love losing myself in this luscious medium.


abstract painting of woods by Kathy Karas

“Phoenix” acrylic, 90 x 90 cm


Although I prefer not to define my style too much, I would describe it as contemporary to modern impressionist. It certainly has evolved over the years to become my own natural style of painting. I see colour and shapes in an almost musical rhythmic way.


abstract painting of gum trees by Kathy Karas

“Ghost Gums” oil, 102cm x 76cm


I have exhibited in Australia with artist friends and have also had many solo exhibitions over the past fifteen years. My life is filled with lovely experiences, and I’ve made many connections with clients and friends through my art.


painting of falls in Australia by Kathy Karas

“The Falls” acrylic, 76cm x 90cm


In 2014, some friends asked me to teach them how to paint. I never thought I would be able to teach, but right after the first class I knew that I was hooked on showing people how to paint.


landscape painting of a whirlpool by Kathy Karas

“Swirl” acrylic, 60cm x 50cm


Since then, I’ve taught many workshops and have taken groups travelling on art tours through Europe and retreats within Australia.


Artist Kathy Karas

Artist Kathy Karas


I enjoy painting commissioned work as well. It brings me joy to create a special artwork that someone will treasure.


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