Featured Artist Shelley Benjamin

Artist Shelley Benjamin presents an intriguing collection of digital photography rich in color and atmosphere. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.


digital photograph of sunflowers by Shelley Benjamin

“Into the Sun” digital photography printed on aluminum, 24” x 16”


Visual art has always been an important part of my life. As a young child, I would stare at a landscape painting on the wall at my grandparents’ home. I always wanted to jump into that image.


digital photograph of cherry blossos by Shelley Benjamin

“Cherry Blossoms” digital photography printed on aluminum, 24” x 24”


As I got older, I became an avid museum-goer. My favorite excursion was to wander the museums in New York City and discover paintings I hadn’t seen before. In college, my advisor said my eyes lit up when I discussed my textile creations. It was obvious that art was my passion.


digital photography of a field in Seneca, NY by Shelley Benjamin

“Seneca Twilight” digital photography printed on aluminum, 24” x 14”


I started as a textile designer, and explored textiles as an artistic medium. My professional career changed directions, but I continued to explore my creativity after hours, working in mixed media, collage, painting, drawing and photography.


digital landscape photography of Patagonia by Shelley Benjamin

“Patagonia Landscape” digital photography printed on aluminum, 24” x 16”


As a result of one cold May morning in particular while I was taking pictures at an iris garden (my favorite flower), I became hooked on photography. I had taken some lessons, and armed with my new knowledge, a rented lens and a perfect day, I came home to discover that I had many exciting photos. This was my turning point.


digital photography of yellow roses by Shelley Benjamin

“Yellow Blooms” digital photography printed on aluminum, 16” x 20”


My art blends photography and digital technology. The initial photo is altered, enhancing the image to fit my vision. Online classes have given me the tools to push my work further and allow me to create pieces that have a strong impact or tell a story.


digital photography of a water lily by Shelley Benjamin

“Lily Pond” digital photography printed on aluminum, 16” x 20”


A piece usually starts with a photo I have taken. From that point on, I build upon the original, using layers in photoshop or other apps. A finished print usually has forty or more layers.


digital landscape photography of a valley by Shelley Benjamin

“In the Valley” digital photography printed on aluminum, 24” x 16”


The changes include adding additional imagery, textures and painting with a pressure sensitive pen on the image. The colors, tones, lighting and other areas are adjusted until the finished image has the impact I am seeking.


digital photography of a sailboat on moonlit water by Shelley Benjamin

“Moonlight Cruise” digital photography printed on aluminum, 12” x 12”


I am inspired by the world around me—nature, architecture, shadows, light and reflections. Additionally, I love fairy tales and myths, and am drawn to the colors and light in 20th century children’s book illustrations. I alternate between painterly landscapes and florals and storytelling images.


digital photography of a large moon by Shelley Benjamin

“Night View” digital photography printed on canvas, 16” x 20”


My goal is draw the viewer in—to look at my images and derive peace from them; to look at my storytelling pieces and want to know more. I want there to be a dialog between my art and the viewer.


Artist Shelley Benjamin

Artist Shelley Benjamin


A customer recently told me that he moved my image to another location so he could look at it more often. That is what I hope to achieve.


Artist Shelley Benjamin invites you to follow her on Instagram and Flickr.


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  1. Beautiful work!

  2. Lainey Brooks says

    Shelley’s artistry draws the viewer in and keeps them there. Excellent work.

  3. Louise Smith says

    Amazing images!

  4. elaine tolchin says

    What an exciting collection! These photos instantly lift the mood and focus on beauty rather than the dark mood of the moment Thank you, Shelley!

  5. Laura Friedland says

    Such beautiful work!

  6. elaine tolchin says

    Such talent will always be recognized! Your work is Beautiful and moving. Congratulations leetee7

  7. Your insights have created images of resounding beauty!! Congratulations Shelley!

  8. Ruth Zaritsky says

    Shelley’s art always makes you feel better, especially now! I’m so fortunate to view all her work and call her my friend.

  9. Renee BENJAMIN says

    Every piece offers different beauty and I am proud to own Moonlight cruise So calming that I have it in the bedroom

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