Featured Artist Hélène Hubert

Artist Hélène Hubert explores reality, change and perception through her work with digital photography. Enjoy her portfolio and view more on her website.


collaged digital photography of Mozaïk folie by Helene Hubert

“Mozaïk folie” digital photography, various sizes


My photography is a subjective view on reality, not an objective presentation of it. It is a transformation of reality to a parallel universe where everything is possible.


photograph of a window by Helene Hubert

“Monde riant” digital photography, various sizes


I look for the exceptional in the ordinary and I know how to make it visible. Grace, beauty and joy always pair with the hardships of life. I am passionate and choose beauty to serve my higher energy in creating objects out of my visual and emotional fascination.


photography of a woman in a pool by Helene Hubert

“Mon Patronus” digital photography, various sizes


Brightness, color and light give my images a positive and optimistic character.


digital photography of a white dress by Helene Hubert

“Angelcat” digital photography, various sizes


I control chaos around me through careful and balanced compositions and careful and precise post-processing that helps me express thoughts and feelings.


digital photography of Pave dor by Helene Hubert

“Pavé d’or” digital photography, various sizes


My work is open to more than one interpretation. This leaves the viewer free to use their imagination, experience and memories to build content and connect with the image. In all my images there is motion and transformation in progress. This supports the concept of temporality and eternal change.


digital photograph of couer du batiment in Rabelais by Helene Hubert

“Coeur du bâtiment Rabelais” digital photography, various sizes


Travelling a lot with my parents as a child, I experienced different cultures and climates. Now I find that I implement three essential skills to my professional practice as a commercial photographer—curiosity, reactivity and adaptability.


digital photography of Ocre d'Azur by Helene Hubert

“Ocre d’Azur” digital photography, various sizes


During intensive studies at the Maine Photographic Workshops (now Rockport College) I implemented Ansel Adam’s, “Zone system—a method to creatively visualise the scene or object to be photographed and produce a photograph that matches and expresses that visualization.”


digital photography of fish by Helene Hubert

“Poisson dans l’eau” digital photography, various sizes


With rigour and accuracy, from shooting to printing, I leave nothing to chance. Today, following thirty years in advertising as a still-life photographer based in Paris, I enjoy my life as an artist.


digital photograph of an interior by Helene Hubert

“Où est Elsa” digital photography, various sizes


Freed from the constraints of documenting reality, I now feel the need to freeze the impermanence of things. I experiment with time transitions—where spaces connect and interact—to showcase the parallel worlds we are passing through.


digital photograph of a field with hay bales by Helene Hubert

“Abundance” digital photography, various sizes


Explore, enjoy, participate in my inner journey—a journey that cannot be described, but that helps you experience an emotional state. Dive in.


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