Featured Artist Mark Basterfield

Artist Mark Basterfield blurs the line between reality and fantasy in his dramatic black and white photography.

Featured Artist Joan Elizabeth Meyer

Artist Joan Elizabeth Meyer draws on a theme of man versus nature in her Nature’s Revenge series.

Featured Artist Elizabeth Scarborough

Artist Elizabeth Scarborough presents a series of complex narrative paintings that incorporate magical elements.

Featured Artist Rob Fannin

Artist Rob Fannin creates surreal, dreamlike paintings through an intuitive process.

Featured Artist Graeme Stevenson

Australian painter Graeme Stevenson shares an astonishing portfolio of figurative art and a story of personal transformation that guided his artist journey.

Featured Artist Hélène Hubert

Artist Hélène Hubert explores reality, change and perception through her work with digital photography.

Featured Artist Dave Martsolf

Artist Dave Martsolf focuses his artistic energy into large canvases and complex images with a surrealistic style.

Featured Artist Peter Addison

Artist Peter Addison enjoys breaking out of social norms and painting curiously quirky subject matter

Featured Artist Jennifer Gleason

Photographer Jennifer Gleason presents a portfolio of surrealistic imagery created as a healing force.